Update on the $280 CLs...

  1. Okay, so some of you were dragged through the mud by NM with the whole mispriced CL mess! I was as well.


    When I first saw the $280 price I ordered 4 pairs, two of the black in a 38.5 and 39 and two of the ivory in the same sizes. I got none! They ended up canceling both blacks and I got frustrated and canceled the ivory pairs (since I figured they would probably get canceled anyway...). Anyhow, so last week I'm checking out the CLs on NM's website and I notice, they have stock in just about every size in both colors of the $280 shoes...and of course, as we all know, they are now price correctly at $690. I called customer service and demanded my shoes at $280 since they were in stock now; there was no reason why they couldn't fulfill the order(s) they canceled on me for that very reason. So they honored the price, and I got a pair in today. (I didn't bother asking for all four pairs, just one would do at this point.) Anyhow, here they are. I don't know if anyone actually got the right pair for the $280 (I know people got pumps), but these are the exact ones pictured on the site. I think they are very nice. Suede, and love the silver lining for a change. Anyhow, just wanted to let you girls know...so go get 'em! lol
    280 001 467x350.jpg 280 002 467x350.jpg 280 003 467x350.jpg 280 004 467x350.jpg 280 005 467x350.jpg
  2. Glad that worked out for you. Being that they were so much trouble for everyone I stayed out of this one.
  3. i cannot believe that happened to you. I got the ivoy satin one instead. How I wonder if they'll let me exchange to the one you got..the suede black one without charging me the $690 now..what do you ladies think? thx
  4. I also was able to get them to honor the price (which surprised me), but I was sent the yo-yo pumps, not the slingbacks! Mine are suede as well and even though I was sent the wrong shoe I am happy with $280 CLs! I will post pics later if you are not all bored of seeing the suede pump version.
  5. I am tempted but I shouldn't. Suede is not my favorite. I have to say that if I knew for sure I would get the Yoyo I would do it. I got the Ivory in satin and was going to return them but I changed my mind and kept them. I regret it. I could have used that money toward a pair I really want. They are comfortable because of the low heel though aren't they?

    Congrats on getting what you are entitled to. That's awesome that you called them. You are right. There is no reason they can't fill all our cancelled orders. They really piss me off. The lied to me and said there was no way they were going to be able to fill their order from the vendor and that is why they cancelled the my order. Obviously they were able to get the shoe. Liars Liars pants on fire! Enjoy your great deal!
  6. Congrats! Glad that you got what you wanted! What a bargain...
  7. Persistence pays off!! I like the slingback look better, I think...

    I ended up giving my shoes away - I was just not feeling them and the whole experience left me bitter about those shoes ;)
  8. lol...the infamous shoes! So glad you got them. :smile: I took my $50 gift card and ran. Those are def. prettier in the black suede slingback version. Enjoy them!
  9. omg congrats that it worked for you!!! i was chatting with a rep and they would NOT honor the price unless i have a copy of the transcript =*( or the page indicating that it was $280. i'm so sad.
  10. Cute shoes! Not sure I like the change to silver lining though... they look like Marc Fischer pair lol
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't want all CLs to be like that, one silver lining is enough. =)
  12. Did you have a previous order of them for $280? If not, I'm sure they wouldn't do anything. I had two orders when they were $280, so all I did was give the rep my old order number.
  13. When I complained to NM that they sent pumps rather than slingbacks, they said they could substitute a "comparable" pair for me to compensate the mistake. So I talked them into sending me the brown suede version (dreamy.) and I sold the black pair for a profit on eBay. Didn't get exactly what I intended, but can't complain about a pair of brown suede yoyo pumps for less than $200 after my eBay sale...I still want the slingbacks but not for $690...
  14. You clever cookie!!! ;)
  15. mcs - did you get the brown ones for 280, too?