Update on Styledrops Coffer picture.

  1. I received an e-mail back from Styledrops regarding the photo of the Black Coffer which they have posted. Here is a copy of that e-mail:
    Dear Ms. B******,
    I've undesrtood what you mean.
    I have to verify, I think it's a slight difference made in the
    editions. In fact, the black coffer picture is that of the first
    edition(F/W 06-07), while the others, like the plum or the brown one,
    are from the 2007 collection.We received a new stock of these bags few
    weeks ago and didn't notice any difference with the 2006 edition so we
    published again the old picture. It may be that in the most recent
    editions that piece of leather is shorter so the flap stays right inder

    the buckle.
    I will verify and change the picture if this is the case.
    Thank you for your attention and consideration.
    Best regards.

    I was very impressed with their timely response. We'll see what happens.....:yes:

  2. wow...very cool. Never dealt w/ their CS before but nice to know they are prompt.
  3. Im really happy that they responded so quickly and were not only knowledgeable but also agreed that they noticed the difference!
    Thanks for emailing them to clear this up.
  4. that's a fast response...but still if it is an old picture from the last season,then there is still a problem...our authentic facts base on the last season's coffer and still it makes me wonder..I saw the bag last season in a retail store and this upcoming season's coffer bags and it is the same extra length piece.you know what I mean??
    the only explaining can be for the picture that they put the picture from somewhere else not from their inventory :S :S
  5. I agree justified. It seems that her answer seemed to imply that last season's bags had a shorter flap and we all know that's not true. :confused1: But at least we've brought it to their attention. We'll just have to wait and see what they decide to do. :smile:
  6. yeah sure,you are right miu2
    I am not planning to buy from them,at least for the moment...but this makes questionable their reliability..although it was a fast response and concern sounded response,it didn't satisfy me :sad: :sad: that's me maybe
  7. from what i know, lots of merchats used old pictures to reduce operational costs of having to take new pics for every single bag of the same model which they have in their inventory. so if it is a black coffer for instance, and they have 10, they will not take 10 pics, but only one, for all 10. and sometimes, when new editions came in, and if they did not realize that there are slight variations, they will use the old pics of the previous black coffer they have. i don't think there is an intent to misrepresent. normally, i would just request for the pic of the actual item they are shipping me.

    i can understand if there is a thin line that people are nervous about, since we are not seeing the 'actual' bag we are getting but something which look exactly like the pic. but from merchant's operational point of view, i can also see why most, if not all, of them do not practice taking each pic of each bag they have in their inventory.

    i have heard good things about styledrops so far, and have had good experience with them. i hope i am right in my feeling about them so far.
  8. Wow. Very interesting to see how this turns out.
  9. what I am concerned is that the coffer's model did not change from last season to this new upcoming season...so from the first place the bag looks strange..I can understand why they put the same picture.
  10. Well, I just looked at the black Coffer on Styledrops and found that they have changed the main pic of the bag. :smile: However, the other pics are still of the bag with the short flap, but hey, at least the listened and took some action :tup:. I had told them that there were many of us tPFers whom were concerned and I think that was why they actually did something. Way to go Girls!! :okay:
  11. thanks for the update...at least they changed and took it consideration
  12. I just looked at the black coffer again on styledrops..main pic. looks fine but the others :tdown:
    shim.gif shim1.gif shim2.gif
  13. I think that they just got lazy (or cheap) and didn't want to redo the other pics, but it sure makes you wonder where they got the pictures of the fakes doesn't it??? :confused1:
  14. yes it does..since they are "reliable" online seller..they should not have any fake bag pictures...they sell expensive bags they sell only through online "so" they should able to take authentic ones pic.