update on sizing of bh and bv

  1. Hopefully this can help out someone else. I did live chat with elux and they claim LV website is wrong. However, I'm still not convinced as the width of BV is only 9 inches? Then I search the batignolles club posts and found one that states BH is about 15 x 9, just like the measurement outlined on LV website.

    I hope this will help someone out there. I'd call LV but I'm at work and don't want the whole world to hear this. BTW, I've settled on BH. I think it would be more suitable for my frame. I really wanted the BV but after measuring out the actual size of the bag (per LV site) and adding in a shoulder drop of 9 or 10 in, it would be too long on me. At that length, it would only work if it were a thinner bag. Now I am really hoping I made a right choice. Thanks everyone!

  2. Yeah there have been a lot of problems with the measurements they've put on those sites lol.
    The shoulder drop of the BV really isn't THAT much, the measurements of the BV are more like 9" across and 15" high and the BH is approximately 15" across by 10" high.
    My friend has the BV and it really isn't all that long on her at all, she's about 5'4.
  3. I've had problems with sizing from elux and louisvuitton.com so now I just go by how many fleurs/monogram is on the bag so I can make an estimate as to how big the bags really are (note: I only do this with the monogram LVs because those are the ones I have).

    From the bottom, the width of the BH is about 15 inches but from the top, the width is more like 13.5. Height is about 9-10 inches.

    It looks like from the widest point, the BV is approx. 13 inches in width. The height looks like it's between 11-12...

    I could be wrong, but that's from what I can estimate given the design.