update on shrug RIP...not good, help!

  1. Hello. So I called Brandi today at Shirise to tell her that one of my shrugs has a small rip/deep scratch in it, and I expected her to be nicer about it, but I got the distinct feeling that she thinks I caused the rip myself. Her comments included, "Oh, we would NEVER ship out a b-bag with a rip." "The warehouse guy would have seen it."

    The worse part was when I was telling her that I spotted the rip when I was about to condition it, and she was like, "NEVER EVER condition a b-bag." and went on a 1 minute lecture about how you should never put anything on your b-bag...with a touch of blame that maybe it was because I conditioned it and caused the rip. Then I told her a small white lie that I didn't touch the bag yet (which I really didn't..I only conditioned a very small portion of it). :huh:

    So Brandi recommended that I ship the bag back to her, and then she can ship it to Balenciaga. I am also going to email her a picture of the rip first. But now I'm thinking that maybe I'm making a big deal out of a deep scratch. What do you guys think? :blink:


  2. the scratch looks pretty substantial to me in your first picture.
    i would be upset about it like you, especially when you expect (and rightly so) to receive a brand new and perfect bag. imo, minor scratches are normal from store displays but this looks relatively deep!
  3. i don't think you are making a big deal out of it, it's a rip. Even with the deal, you still paid a lot of money for it.
  4. didi, try calling those handbag repair people I told you about. Maybe they can give you some feedback. As for the conditioning, I guess we will burn in hell for it, but if Bal NY does it, then it can't be bad. :lol:
  5. Hi didi -

    Thanks for the update on this unfortunate situation. So sorry again about it - grrrr!! I think a deep scratch/rip in a brand new $$$ bag IS a big deal!!! As an authorized dealer of Bbags, Shirise should be more concerned - not only about the quality and condition of the supposed new bag they're sending out but because you are the customer and requested assistance.

    Email her the picture and follow up with a phone call to see what she thinks. I'll bet she'll be surprised by it and (hopefully) offer some sort of solution (refund, $$ off, find you a new one, return to Balenciaga for fix, etc.)

    Good luck :flowers: and keep us posted!!!
  6. i told brandi that another option is for me to take it to the handbag repair people, and she was against that idea. she didn't offer to give me an additional discount if I just decided to keep the bag. Should I ask for it? I'm about to send her an email...
  7. I know I wouldn't be happy if my brand new bag had a deep scratch! I think you should pursue it. To me this is a major defect--and something I would fear would get worse over time. By the way, didn't somebody else on the boards receive a defective origan bag from Shirise? Their warehouse guy didn't notice that...Good luck!

  8. Brandi thinks I should just mail the bag back to her, and then she'll mail it to balenciaga, but I get the feeling that she doesn't believe me! :cry: maybe i should just get $$ off and keep it, rather than mail it back and forth? Plus, I need to pay for the shipping and insurnace!
  9. i wonder if i should mention this to her, because she was pretty insistant that these things DON'T happen!
  10. Ah, that definitely looks like a rip to me! I would definitely continue to push the issue.

    And, the companies just dont want you doing anything to it -- because they dont want to be liable for any 'oops'!
  11. thanks guys! I just emailed her and I used MY POWER as a PF MEMBER in my email! haha. I told her that I've heard that Shirise has such excellent customer service, and that a similar thing happened to another forum member (origan bag) and that Shirise's response was great! And I also suggested that I'm open to other options, such as receiving a small $ back so I could repair it at a purse-repair store (recommended per purse forum members!). We'll see how she responds.
  12. PF Power, activate!!! :biguns:

    I love that you're leveraging the PF with Shirise!!!!

    Hope she changes her tune now. and BTW, I think Shirise should pay for the shipping and insurance costs!!!
  13. Hello guys! So Brandi just emailed me back and she has offered to reimburse me for the repair. What do you think? Or should I just ask for a 5-10% additional discount?
  14. go talk to the repair people and see what they can do first. if they cant do anything its better to send it back for a replacement. a replacement would still be my first choice...