Update on "Second Chance Offer, can the original buyer neg. me" question

  1. This is an update on the thread that I started asking everyone if a non-paying bidder, with no communication, can neg. me after I do a Second Chance offer on the item. I was forced to open an "Unpaid Item dispute" with eBay.

    Well, to my surprise, I received a Paypal payment today, but not from my buyer... it was from another woman. I also received a separate eBay email from this woman who paid.

    She told me that her friend (my buyer) had died suddenly the day after the auction ended. No one had thought about this woman's eBay account, but when they remembered, the friend spoke to the husband and he wanted to buy the necklace, so the friend used her Paypal account to do so.

    I sent the necklace today, to my buyer's address... so everything was the exact same, except that the payment came from someone else.

    I just knew something was wrong. A woman with over 500 perfect feedback was not the type of person to ignore an auction. When I checked on her recent purchases, I could see she had the same taste as me and I felt I kind of knew her a little bit... (Sounds silly, I know... )

    Now I have to think of something to say to the woman who paid... when I tell her that I shipped the necklace as per the husbands wishes. Any suggestions?

    I can't tell you how sad this makes me.
  2. That is so sad. It makes me want to cry just reading about it. I would tell her that I'm very sorry for her loss. I would be at a loss for words, too. Difficult situation.
  3. I would say basically what you told us...that you admire someone who in a time of great upset was able to take care of a practicality in the way she knew her friend would have wanted-and that this transaction has reminded you of the uniqueness and wonderfulness(you know what I mean) of your friends, here and elsewhere...
  4. Oh dear. That's so sad. Give her your condolences. :sad:
  5. Such a sad story & very noble of the husband, if it is true. I find it a bit weird all they had to do was to explain to you that the woman had died. Of course you would have understood & cancelled the sale. Sorry i dont want to be negative here but if you ship to an address other than the one the paypal payment came from then you are not covered in the event of a chargeback.
  6. Oh no, that's so sad. I had a friend die suddenly about a year and a half ago. She was a powerseller and was in the middle of some eBay transactions. On a sadder note she was only 29 and mother of twins.:crybaby:
  7. I know! Paypal warned me that I was not covered... but the friend had already sent the money and asked that I ship to the original winner's address, as shown on her buyer's info on eBay... I felt it was okay to do. Nothing had changed, except the person that paid.

    Anyway, I was aware that Paypal would not cover this... I just wanted to mail it because she asked me to. I know I'm taking a bit of a risk.

    Her address is in NYC... in what I think is a well off neighborhood. I recognize the name of the street. Maybe the money didn't mean that much to the husband and he just wanted to take care of his wife's responsibilities. I find that very rare and very lovely, don't you?
  8. It's hard in these cases, you worry that the person might be a scammer but you also don't want to be insensitive either. :shrugs:
  9. The thought of a scam did cross my mind!

    In actuality, the woman had over 700 perfect (although not all were unique) feedback, so I decided to take the chance.

    I transfered the Paypal funds to my back account and mailed the item... and I'll let you know if anything underhanded happens.
  10. Maybe it's not so much the he felt obligated to pay as much as he just wanted to have something tangible to remember his wife by... That necklace was something SHE wanted. Maybe she was getting herself a v-day present.. it may have been the last thing she did :crybaby:
  11. Gosh I am welling up reading this.

    I so hope it's legit and people are not resorting to this level of disrespect to scam people. Keep us posted
  12. I read this thinking 'oh no, oh no, how awful' - didn't cross my mind it might not be true . . . This surely couldn't be a scam could it? I can't bear the thought of people making up bereavements to get out of Ebay deals. If it were me, I'd trust the woman who contacted you and be as compassionate as you have been here in your response to her.
  13. OMG! that is sooooo sad :crybaby:
  14. I'm sorry something about this doesn't seem truthful (although it doesn't matter since you've received your money). After a death WHY on God's great earth is someone thinking of a necklace on eBay? :confused1:
  15. That's sad.