Update on SAKS stores that carry Bbags

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  1. That's a bummer. I talked to a very nice SA and she actually just referred me to Nieman's for Balenciaga instead of another Sak's! I guess no more in state Bal shopping for me. After my experience with Phyliss the terrible I won't shop at Nieman Marcus again.
  2. Saks Naples, FL carries bbags. The sales lady who helped me had no clue about the bags, but the 2 other SA's knew everything. I didn't get her name, but the most knowledgeable SA sounded like she was from Russia. I think if you call the handbag department and ask for someone who is knowledgeable about BBags, you'll get some decent help. As of last week, they had a few City's, one black work, a couple of Twiggys, a hobo, and a couple of Firsts.
  3. That was most likely Natalia. She is very helpful. Purchased several bags from her.
  4. i should have called Naples instead of Boca Raton then...
  5. Whatever you do. DON"T CALL THERE TODAY. I am SO Frustrated from the lack of knowledge their SA's have. I just just told "Balencia" is not available in this store. Then when I explained that was not the name etc... I was told they only have one bag and it was by Marc Jacobs WTF? This just blows my mind. Wait for Natalia if you are planning on calling there.
  6. Yes! That was her name!
  7. Saks in New Orleans, on Canal street sells Bbags. I just bought one 2 weeks ago, my SA was Rhoda and she was the best. Their phone is [SIZE=-1](504) 565-7970. Sales tax is 9% BTW.