Update on SAKS stores that carry Bbags

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  1. There is a Saks (also a NM too) there.
    Addy is 2901 W. Big Beaver Rd.
    phone # is 648-643-9000
  2. i wonder what they are doing with their inventory if they dont sell it all off... Transfer back to Bal?? Off 5th stores!?!?
  3. I haven't shopped at this store, but I've seen postings that the Saks in Palm Desert, CA carries Balenciaga.

    Their number is 760-837-2900. Good luck!
  4. Thanks!
  5. The Best Saks SA Is Leonor at the Greenwich CT store.
  6. I only saw Balenciaga at Neiman Marcus. But I didn't see any at Saks..
    Maybe I will check it out again this weekend or something.

    Thanks for the info!!
  7. I've never seen them at Saks before, have they started carrying them recently? Our NM in Troy definitely has them... they have a huge stock in the drawers below....

    This may be a different store, because we're in the (248) area code here in SE MI... not (648)? ;)
  8. I looked up the phone# and addy through the Saks website (maybe it is not current). I know they had them a month or so ago because I called looking for a certain color but they did not have it. I bought a GGH black clutch and a few coin purses from there before (though earlier). Perhaps they have fazed them out already:shrugs:
  9. My mistake about the number. It is 248-643-9000, sorry about that:shame: I just double checked and noticed I copied it wrong.
  10. ciao i was going to PM you to ask you about that! i called Saks in NYC and was told that Saks does nto carry bal anymore and was so confused so i called palm dessert and got something with suzie btw! anyway...so i guess no more bals at saks =( boo
  11. I just called both Palm Dessert in CA and Troy, MI, both don't carry BBags......
  12. PD does carry them! I purchased a bag there today. A pre-sale too
  13. Just spoke with 2 of my great Saks Handbag SA's and there is NO WAY Saks is going to stop carrying Balenciaga After CHANEL it's their #1 seller. There NY store never has nor will ever carry Balenciaga. Maybe that is where the confusion came from?

  14. Saks NY never carried Balenciaga

  15. Saks/Troy does not carry Bbags.