Update on SAKS stores that carry Bbags

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  1. Is the list in the reference section up-to-date for Saks? Thanks.
  2. Yes, the list is kept current but each stores stock will vary.
  3. Hello! I heard recently from my SA at Saks that Balenciaga has chosen to pull the entire line from Saks. Bal will begin pulling and redistributing the line prior to F/W08....
  4. Do you mean Saks will no longer carry Bal handbags & accessories in near future???That means we'll have to pay full price if we can only buy them directly from the bal stores!!!:wtf::sad:
  5. Well, from what I have heard it only affects Saks...not NM, Barneys, etc. I was sorry to hear too.... as the return policy is quite restrictive at BalNY:sad:.
  6. Why are they doing that?! Ahhh that sucks!
  7. Oh no. Saks is the best for EKG & points!!!!
  8. shazbot! this sucks....
  9. Does anyone have a Saks SA they recommend. The few stores I have called don't seem to have anyone who really knows the bags. Please feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know if Saks NY carries BBags? If they do, what is their current stock? If they don't, which Saks carries them? Thanks.
  11. Saks NY surprisingly does not carry. I think Boca Raton Fl does but the SA who was there when I called did not seem to know one style from the next or the colors.
  12. That sucks unless NM starts repeating their $400 promotion.
  13. Saks Naples FL also carries bbags; but the SA I dealt with didn't have a clue!
  14. Saks in Troy, Mi carries them. I don't think they have a large stock but I know they do have some.
  15. Are you sure there's a Saks there - or are you talking about NM? Thanks.