Update on Release Dates: Patchwork & Dentelle Speedys

  1. Hi all,

    Just got off the phone with michigan Ave. LV in Chicago (my regular SA wasn't in at Saks...and the main store seems to have more info).

    I was inquiring about prices and release dates of the patchwork speedy and dentelle speedy here is what I was told:

    Patchwork speedy: Bumped back to 3/1/07. Price is still $1050. She told me that so far of the released bags the prices have been matching the look book prices.....so my fingers are crossed.

    Dentelle speedy: Date pushed UP to 2/20/07. Price increased from $1260 to $1290.

    Inquired about MC pieces....and she said they know nothing about them :sad:
  2. Good news about the speedy I think it is a good price & hope it stays there
  3. Me too! My fingers are crossed! If it jumps up to $1600 then I'm out...and only will get the Dentelle.
  4. ^Twiggers... I thought on another thread a pfer said the price of the speedy is more like $1860???
  5. thanks for the info twiggers!! if the speedy stays at that price... I might have to get it!
  6. I was so upset at this one SA I waitlisted with concerning the dentelle. She told me that it was going to release in April and I even pointed to the lookbook which said Feb. 20th. So I told her that I would call back and check, but she insisted that it would serve no purpose as the release day was sometime in April!! :confused1:
  7. aw, thanks for the update! my store still knows NOTHING about the new dentelle, or so they tell me.
    all my info comes from you lovely creatures!
  8. April? Wow... so the prices are already to bust our wallets and they move the release date till after the price increase. Wonder what the real price will be in April...
  9. That was a UK look book...so maybe prices are higher??!!?? I'll be calling again in another week or so to get an update!
  10. Originally the look book said 3/1 for those bags and now I'm hearing 2/20. Shoot my regular store (A Saks LV) doesn't even have the book yet. And when I first called that one she told 2K for the patchwork, so I decided to call another store LOL
  11. that was me it was the UK book and I looked at so many pics I may have got the prices mixed up I like twiggers price much better so I am hoping I'm wrong
  12. Thanks for sharing the info Twiggers!!! ;)
  13. I was always told March 1st for commercial pieces and show pieces Febuary 1st or 15th.
  14. thanks for the info!
  15. I think the Denim patchwork was originally 2/15 from the look book pics stephania posted a week or so ago.