Update on Price Increase at SAKS

  1. ladies,

    i just got off the phone with damien at Saks PA and he said that the price increase at Saks will not take place until november 12th.

    i don't know if all Saks are doing this, but his manager is in NYC at the moment and that is what they discussed a few hours ago.

    if anyone has additional info, please share. :flowers:

    at the very least, i think saks PA will honor the old prices until november 12th, so that's a bit over 1 week from now.
  2. That's good news for anyone still hunting down their bags. I'm done for a long long time. Also, triple points are Nov. 7-10 at Saks!!
  3. Wow..I'm surprise because I heard that Saks already increased price on 10/18.
  4. Maybe it's never going to go up... heh
  5. I know that Saks didn't increase medium flap on 10/18 because I ordered mine then and got it for $1995. I think I had heard that Jumbos went up prior to 11/1.

    I too am curious if the increase will actually occur!
  6. That would be a great thing!!! There are a couple of bags I still want. I wish my money tree will grow by then!
  7. oh wow, that is great news, 10 more days of craziness!
  8. Chanel is brilliant - just threaten increase and watch the sales soar in anticipation...hahaha.

    Actually didn't the Saks in Beverly Hills go up in prices like about two weeks ago?!

    Well, it is good news that there are still some places to snag that last bag before.... $$$$ becomes $$$$.:p

    Thanks for the info.:tup:
  9. I think if anyone is going to get Chanel bags via Saks, best is to go through Saks PA first since that's where I know for sure they will honor the prices through the 12th. I am hoping all Saks will honor the prices through the 12th, but who knows!

    Happy shopping ladies!! :tup:
  10. ^I use Donna at the SAKS in PA too..she is great.
  11. Bloomingdales told me their price increase will only apply to new stock. Anything that's already in the store will sell at old prices until they sell. That really gives them leeway to sell at the new price whenever they want, lol.
  12. I just talked to Damian, he said the price increase will be on Nov 12th. Better hurry... since a lot of stocks already sold out at Saks.
  13. Wouldn't that be ironic if there was no increase after all? Something that Coco would have loved.
  14. saks in beachwood quoted me $1895 for the small diamond stitch -- that's an increase right?
  15. hmm yea.. is it possible that the price is never going to go up....?