***Update on NEW Azur pieces!!

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  1. Hello Friends!

    Just got an update from my SA on some new Azur pieces and thought I'd share. These pieces will be released between 3/28-4/1.
    I'm so excited about the Favorite, she's so pretty!!!

    Can't wait see reveals!

    P.s Sorry I don't have any prices :sad:

    Attached Files:

  2. Hi do you have any names for these new azur pieces? I have heard of the favorite and the cabas tote, but not the others. TIA! :smile:
  3. So beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  4. That would help, wouldn't it?
    Sorry :blush:

    Image 1 - Cabas
    Image 2 - Favorite PM & MM
    Image 3 - Riviera
    Image 4 - Neverfull
  5. Thanks for the pics and names....I really like the bags...
  6. i love the DA favorite
  7. Thanks very much for posting the pictures! I am waiting for a totally in azur to come in but now I may just hold off for a favorite mm in azur!
  8. Thank you for sharing. I so desperately want an Azur piece since I sold my Noe bb. Figheri was on my list but not available anymore. So I had high hopes for this new Riviera but it looks too wide for me (sigh).. So pretty though.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. I love the one with the braided handle. Is that the Riviera?
  10. yes
  11. Wow! Looks nice..... I need to see the riviera in person! Thanks for posting!
  12. The Riviera looks amazing!
  13. I would love to see the dimensions of the Riviera also.
  14. I :heart: pretty much everything DA! The Favorite has my eye!!! :nuts:
  15. I never saw the Cabas tote until now and I'm kind of liking the handle. It's almost like the Artsy handle.