Update on my waiting list status!!

  1. I asked my SA today about my Hermes status!

    I should be getting my '32 Kelly in black in about 2 months! Yay!!

    I also just forth another order for a Kelly in Orange!

    I'm starting to realize Hermes is soooo addicting!!
  2. How exciting! Which leather did you order for the black kelly?
  3. Excellent!!! Same question as jag...
  4. I asked for Clemence in Black and Agneau in orange!


    So hopefully, it will look nice ;)
  5. Fabulous! It will look awesome!
  6. Thanks!! I'm sooo terribly excited for it! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats! It will be gorgeous! How long have you been waiting?
  8. On my black Kelly, I have been waiting around for 8 months :smile:

    And I just placed the order for the orange Kelly :smile:
  9. You Must Be So Excited :yahoo:
  10. Here's hoping that your Black Kelly arrives even sooner than two months!
  11. Congratulations! Great news!
  12. Congratulations..can't wait to see pics!!!
  13. That's wonderful! Your choices of leather/color combo sound divine! Can't wait for visuals!!!:nuts:
  14. Aww thanks!!
    You guys are making me even MORE excited!! hahaha!!

  15. Congratulations! Both your kellys sound lovely. Can't wait to see pics when that black baby arrives!