Update on my stolen LV case! Good news..I guess! Need help

  1. As my previous thread mentioned about all my LV was stolen when I was at work by a drug addict. I have a few update after following up on the case for a month. If you guys have time, please read because it's gonna be a long thread. And I really need opinion from you guys :s.

    My cell phone was stolen along with my LV and ipod. After the day I file the report, I didn't cancel my cell phone to see if that girl might use my phone to call someone else....and yes she did. She used the phone to call a few people :cursing:. It wasn't any long distance call so i didn't get any charge. After i found out about those call through my tmobile company, i sent the detective who has been following up on my case, about those phone call records. And I also give him my Ipod serial number as well.

    Today, i called him back with an information about the guy who was there with her. From my boss, I knew he's a doctor around our area. He came to the my salon twice and his gf too. When I met up with the detective, i found out the doctor has been involved with some illegal drug prescription. He owns 3 Mercedes and 1 Cardillac. Since i did remember the guy drove a white mercedes, it fits the description and I pointed out the photo id of him. And guess what, there was the picture of a girl who stole my purse. I pointed it out to him and said "i'm sure she's the one". THe doctor and the girl hang around with this group and they're all involved with eachother somehow. The girl was arrested last month and she fought with one of the detective, so yes she has a record.

    I can't believe she had the nerve to use my cell phone and call someone at jail (a friend or her mother, i'm not sure). Anyway, detective said he'll pay the doctor a visit and everything will go from there. I'm very happy about this new. And thank you for all tpf member. Yes karma will come to her.:yahoo:

    The question i have is what will happen if she gets arrested, i probably will not get my stuff back but can I get my money back somehow? like file a law suit against her and the doctor or ????? :confused1:. Putting her in jail isn't enough for me. She needs to pay the time for her deed but what about me? I still lost a large amount of money. I don't know what to do. Any advice please! that will be helpful.

    ps. The detective did not mention anything about what will happen afterward.
  2. wow! thanks for the update!! it looks promising..at least you have found the thief who stole your LV!! And yeah, good thing many thieves are dumb (lol) and do things like use stolen cell phones to make calls..that way u were able to track her down!

    and as far as getting your $$ back..i don't know how that whole process goes. hopefully some other members will have more advice on this issue. but yeah, at least you know she's gonna do some time!!! yeah good exmaple of karma in action, lol
  3. Thanks for the update. I'm glad they know who the people involved are now, so hopefully these a-holes will get what they deserve :yes:
  4. I planned the day to go to the boutique for my new wallet. It toke a while with the detective and I finally did. I got the MC Pochette wallet. I really wanted the Mahina Peach but they didn't have any. So they'll call me if it's in. I also got the mini Mono Trunk as well. THe rest of the day was shopping til you drop :wlae:. I got a boot and skinny jean from Guess, some Bebe clothes and few Burberry stuff. It was a very cold day which I love because it's Christmas:love:. I love my new SA. Natalie is so nice and she showed me a few item which will be coming out during March. I saw the Miroir heart coin purse and the cosmetic case (cute, I got my name on the waitlist for them). The new vernis coin purse is cute too. They have 3 color (violette, pomme & amarante)...very cute and small. And I saw a few new LV purse. Got my name down for one. And yes new LV bandeau to math with the new Vernis color. It's adorable. Purple is my color. So saving money soon guys cuz you will be broke. lolz :graucho:.

    Oops, my camera is out of battery so no picture for the new purchase. My new wallet also has a lot of pink too, and I got one of this LV postcard about the Latitude 48.914. I'll show you guys the picture tomorrow when I charge the battery. Thanks for reading my post.
  5. The cutest thing I encountered in the mall today is a little boy came up to my sister and gave her back the dime she dropped. One of the customer was standing next to me said "There's still honest people in this world."
  6. Wow ... well, I'm very glad to hear the thief has been located! US law is so different to Australian I couldn't hazard a guess as to how things will go from here, but I do hope it works out that there will be some recompense in it for you. It was such a horrible upset for you and you deserve to have your situation made good as much as it can be. As for the thief herself ... I just hope she learns the lesson she so obviously needs to learn.

    Oh, and glad to hear you had such a great shopping day ... you deserve some nice new stuff to help you forget such a bad experience!
  7. I'm sure there's a way to sue that druggie for lost property. Problem is that if that's successful, you'll never get the full value of what you paid for it - only the depreciated value, but that's better than nothing.
  8. ^ that's definitely better than nothing. All of my LV are brand new item and I toke such a good care. They were 1 month use.
  9. Are you sure you won't get it back? If the thief still posesses it, it will be processed as evidence perhaps, but eventually it would be returned to you. Did they sell it for drug money?
  10. If the thief is caught they could confiscate your stuff, but you should eventually get it back. If she sold it, you could take her to small claims court. What about a homeowners or rental insurance claim? I know it isn't your fault, but they should cover you too. Your credit card may also have coverage if you're within 1 month of purchase. I'm just trying to think of anything to help you out. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  11. I'm not sure what you can get, hopefully something though! Keep us updated girlie ! :tup:
  12. Good news n nice purchase !! :tup:
  13. If she is convicted of the crimes she will most likely have to pay you what they call restitution. She'll pay you a certain amount every month or if she get jail time, the state will pay you on her behalf. If she doesn't pay you (if she's not in jail) she'll violate her probation and will be sentenced to more jail time. Then again, the state will pay you monthly for her (it's called dollars for days here in AZ). So either way you will get your money back. But if you wanna sue her for pain and aggravation you can!!
  14. wow i'm glad things are looking up for you! karma!
  15. I'm happy things are looking better! You totally deserve it! (This totally sounds like a detective novel or something...)