UPDATE on my Splendid Experience! REVEAL!

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  1. Aloha everyone. I had updated my old post, but thought if I made a new one with the word "REVEAL" in it, it may get more attention.
    A recap, I had a great experience dealing with the store manager, Liana Neumann-Landais at Goyard, San Francisco. I had placed a order with her via email and just received it on Friday. It took a little more than 4 weeks, 32 days, but who's counting right, I sure was, HaHa :P, so here's my reveal! I wanted to make a video reveal so this is my first attempt. I made 2 videos and posted them on You Tube. By all means please comment. Negative and positive feedback are welcome. Maybe this will lead to more people making video reveals! Hope you enjoy them :biggrin:!
    Here's the link for the first video. For the second, just look above the video screen and you'll see a tab to access the other video.
  2. a very exciting reveal I must say .. nice green color .. mine will be coming in 2 days ... watching your video made me more excited to see mine ...

  3. I like it a lot! You should take some modeling pics for your admirers :biggrin:
  4. I stumbled across your videos the other day... amazing new bag! Congrats!
  5. Great bag, congrats.
  6. Loved your reveal video!!!
    Congrats on your bag!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  7. congrats
  8. Great job!!!!
  9. A big MAHALO to all your lovely complements! :biggrin::blush: