UPDATE! on my scam on ebay

  1. Hi everybody!
    I've got good news!!!!
    This morning I received a tracking number from the golf set seller and it was to be delivered today!!!
    YAY!!!!YAY!!!!YAY!!!! I just received them!

    I contacted the other victims and was told that they did not receive anything yet from the seller and they won their sets before I did.

    Now I checked the receipt... and it is the right new Mizuno golf set I bought...it has the right address...
    but under a different name! and the price on the receipt is at full price.

    I don't know what to think, but I am just glad I have the set that I legally paid for.

    This is what I think....
    I still believe that this seller is a scammer no doubt
    and is probably used to not getting any action from their victims...
    I know coz the other victims I contacted were not doing anything and just thinking that
    they were scammed and that there's nothing they can do about it.
    But on the other hand me...
    with all your support and all that I have learned from you ladies
    on what to do on cases like this on ebay...
    I think I got them scarred!!!!
    I sent complaint and fraud charges on every agency of the law that would accept my case
    and even was about to file theft on our local police today
    to be forwarded to the local police of the seller.
    I think maybe she received some kind of notice or whatever
    because they sent me the set via next day delivery and I didn't even pay for that.

    So there you are... A happy ending for me!!!!
    Thank you for all your support!!!

  2. Great news Sarsi, I am so glad you had a good outcome. Hopefully this seller won't try to pull this scam again.
  3. Great news! I'm happy for you!
  4. That's terrific! I'm glad you received your golf set. My son says Mizuno makes great clubs. :smile: Your quick action, and filing complaints were more than likely what made the scammer send you your clubs. I'm happy that it all worked out.
  5. ^^^ yup!!! one of the best and looks so good too...

    Thanks ladies!!!
    You are all so wonderfull!!!
    Love you all!!!
  6. I didn't see this thread earlier, but congrats! I have the older Mizuno Tava set and love it.
  7. Good for you...scammers are just EVIL!!

  8. Woo hoo! Good job! I have only been scammed twice, but I went after the scammers with everything I had. Good for you!
  9. Sarsi, I'm so glad you went to the trouble of following through on this. It's discouraging and it would be easy to give up but you didn't do that. If the same thing happens to me, I will remember your experience! Way to go!!:yahoo:
  10. :party: Go Sarsi it's your birthday... Go Sarsi it's your birthday.....Go Go Go

    Congrats Girl! woooooo HOOOOOO!
  11. So happy it worked out. You are the exception, I think like you said, most people would give up or not know what resources are available. Awesome for you!
  12. I am extremely happy for you. Persistence wins!

    Let your experience be a positive lesson for all of us. Go after the crooks!
  13. That's great news!
  14. thanks boxermom!
    I too remembered christiflora's experience that she shared in another thread
    and gave me hope that I can do something to get my money back or the set I paid for.
    I do hope you wont have to go through this...:flowers:
  15. Again Thanks Ladies!!!