update on my pug's condition

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  1. hi all,
    thank you all for your kind words from my other post...unfortunately, things haven't been going well...we found out on friday that the lymphoma, has in fact, been found in her bone marrow...she went from being classified as stage 2 to stage 5....she had chemo on thursday before they re-classified her and she seems to be doing okay and is not in any pain...we are taking it a day at a time and when we see her begin to not feel well, we will make our decision...we are not going to sacrifice the quality of her life because we want more time with her...so, i'm heartbroken and feel so cheated...this amazing dog (only 2 years old) has brought such love and devotion to us...we are going to enjoy every day she has left...please keep her in your thoughts...
    thanks to all of you...
  2. I am so sorry!!! You and your doggie are in my thoughts. I used to work for veterinary cancer specialist and have seen many many dogs go through lymphoma. Just like you said, you can only take one day at a time...
  3. I am SO sorry... I will keep your pug in my prayers. *hugs*
  4. songofthesea...I haven't read your other post, but I wish you and your baby the best. Big hugs :hugs:
  5. I'm so sorry and I understand you feeling cheated, she's so young and it's so bloody unfair. I can only hope that your sweet girl remains pain-free for as long as possible. She is blessed having you to love her and be there to make sure she doesn't suffer. Big hugs, you and Mika are in my thoughts. :heart:
  6. I'm terribly sorry. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. love and hugs for yr dog..:heart::yes:
  8. I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep your pug in my prayers :heart:
  9. I'm sorry for the bad news. Sending positive thoughts to you and your fur baby! ((hugs))
  10. Is there any chance at survival, if so its not greedy to keep her around? Sounds like a very depressing situation. Keep hoping for the best and let her have the chance to pull through(if thats possible). 2 yrs old is so young, poor baby. I'm sorry and wish her the best. I lost my first pug at 2 1/2 yrs old. She was hit by a car within less than a minute of getting out (before I could catch her). I had a hard time getting over it. I was extremely depressed for months, the only thing that helped was getting the 2 pugs in my signature... that was 6 yrs ago.
  11. As another Pug Momma, my pugs and I will send pug kisses and snorts your way. Praying for her to feel okay.