Update on my previous thread

  1. Not long ago i posted this thread asking if anyone has the same bag, the 2007 scarf print pouch....


    Well... the seller never sent it (or something)... It never came. So i'm waiting on the refund which the seller has agreed to do... .

    So i ordered another one.. and it came in TWO DAYS!

    I'm so flippin excited!:yahoo:

    I'll post pics later!
  2. CONGRATS!!!!

    Can't wait for pics!
  3. YEA!!! I can't wait until the snow is over so I can carry my tote again. THat is a BEAUTIFUL print.
  4. OMG I remember all the drama with that other seller - they never sent it after all that?! :wtf:

    I am so glad you got one finally though! Congrats! Is it as roomy as you had hoped? Can't wait for pics!
  5. Cant wait for the pics!