UPDATE on my pale rose day turned yellow

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  1. So I took my day today to NM, I was given some piece of paper I guess a reciept. Paul the manager is off today and will have to look at. They will call me back tomorrow.
    anyways I told them I just want an exchange. Lets see what happens.I'm going to stand firm on this exchange.

    If I get my exchange then all there is to choose from in the Day bag is a blueberry or green. which one would you guys choose? The green leather is super soft, but it is so dark. The blue is very pretty but the leather is a little stiff.
  2. Fingers crossed for a good outcome hc! I would choose blueberry for this style :P The leather will soften with use.
  3. I'd choose the green, because like I said in a previous thread -- I definitely choose leather over color (I know, I'm weird - but I'm a sucker for insanely amazing leather ;)) --- goodluck!
  4. i'm going to say BLUEBERRY - of course!
  5. Couldn't you tell them you want a city (if you do) and will wait for their fall bags. They should be in any time because other stores are getting the bags. You could pick a nice new color from the incoming stock.
  6. blueberry! i don't like green at all.
  7. blueberry! blueberry! blueberry!
  8. Oh, hope they will be decent about this and give you an exchange you wanted.

    For the Hobo, I prefer the blueberry. I think the leather will soften a bit anyway with some time. In this case, I think the colour makes more of a statement than leather. I dunno, I just feel that the hobo should be more of a fun, casual colour, rather than a darker, more serious colour:smile:
  9. Thanks guys! They will call me tomorrow I will update you on what happens
  10. I'd go for the blueberry because you can apple garde it and then you'll have really nice and soft leather. I'm not a green fan.
  11. blueberry! and then lub the heck out of it to get soft smoochy leather!
  12. hi everyone.

    I am happy to report that I got to exchange my defective bag for a new one:wlae:

    Let me first say it was H-E-L-L dealing with the SA that was "helping" if you can say that, me. She never even called me today like she promised. I called at 2:30 and she was out to lunch, called back at 3pm and they couldn't find her and I left a message for her to call me, then come 4:30 still no call, so I called again. :censor:

    She tells me her Boss was not there and she will call me later in the week, which is not acceptable due to me leaving on vacation tomorrow.

    I asked her if there was the Store Manager that she could go to? She said "no. She tells me that they were told that they cannot accept any returns unless the product is in "sellable" condition. She said only her dept. manger could ok this. I gave her a piece of my mind :rant: and told her I would be there to pick up my old bag.

    I then called back and spoke to customer service who passed me to the excutive office. Spoke to a very nice gentelman explained my situation. He said he would go talk to the merch. manager and call me right back. 5 min later I get a call and he said to come on in and I can do an exchange for any bag I want. :wlae:

    I swear you want things done right you have to go stright to the top.

    Anyways I went in and didn't even say a word to that one SA:yucky: just looked at her and walked right on by. :cutesy: And went to the SA he told me to speak to.

    I now own a blueberry day! I was thinking about the work, but I really do love the day style and needed a replacment.

    oh and b/c i was upset from lame A#$ BF lastnight(see general discussion thread), I went and bought a pair of Chanel wedges to match the new bag. I feel much better now:graucho:
  13. pics of the new bag and shoes:graucho:
    I have to say I was not planning on getting anything this fall b/c I did not care for the colors except the red but I already have a red,


    I really like the blue now that I'm home. It is so pretty. I will miss my pale rose, it was such soft leather. bye bye pale rose RIP:crybaby:
    bb1.JPG bb2.JPG mompics 032 (2).jpg
  14. hc---I am sooo happy for you! You go, girl!!! Pooh to that awful SA!!! What a total cow! :censor:
    Congrats on your Blueberry Day!!! Woohooo! I'd love to see pics, please! I bet it's gorgeous!:flowers:
    Oops, nevermind. I just saw that you added the pics--gorgeous!

    Btw, can I have the name of that awful SA so I can avoid her?
  15. OhmyGOSH, I'm so glad you got that taken care of. Good for your for standing your ground. It really peeves me when SAs act like that... not only are THEY working for YOU, but you made an investment when you bought that bag and you had every right to make sure you got what you paid for.

    And the blueberry is sooooooo beautiful.... :drinks: to your great ending!

    ETA: The blue is to die for!