**UPDATE** On my only Sell !

  1. For those who have read my previous posts and offered advice, first off THANK YOU.

    Second, I was finally paid for the item!!:yahoo:

    I opened a dispute on the 7th day and was getting ready to relist it and checked my email. I received a PayPal payment from the buyer! Great!

    But, weird that I still never received any email from her, no explanation, nothing. Just very strange to me. Esp since Im big on communcation with the sellers (since im mostly a buyer).

    Anyways, sending it off today. But now, im not leaving her feedback until she leaves me feedback. LOL
  2. That's great news! :yahoo:

    I guess I wouldn't woory too much about the non-existant communication :shrugs: I've met a lot of sellers/buyers on eBay who prefer not to have any contact with you except those eBay form-letters and feedback whatsoever. Beats me why?! I'm always excited when it comes to auctions and like to "talk" to the people, but I guess as long as you get your payment/item wihout problems, everything is ok :yes:
  3. so the filing a report thing scared her into paying, huh? hey, what ever it takes. good luck with the remainder or the transaction!

  4. LOL! Yes, however, it still took 2 days for her to pay after I filed the report :rolleyes: LOL
  5. Yes, don't leave her feedback till she leaves you first, god luck :smile:
  6. That's great news!^-^
  7. Don't forget to check you Paypal account to make sure you really have the payment. SOme of those "you have cash" e-mails are scammers. If you did get the payment that's great news!
  8. I checked right away and withdrew it! LOL

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Hurrah!