Update on my nervous breakdown...I got my credit Back YES!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yes, I slept only 4 hours. Yes, I was on the phone with the gift card department and with some help recovered all but one of the total numbers from the back of the giftcards, for I had receipts from other stores, including the outlet with balance numbers as it should be. The fourth card was the pink hip and wristlet that was given to the store and I had a red card with 88.91 printed on it and that receipt from Jax distribution from this store that had ny cards. She never sent me a receipt. I headed to the store at 10 a.m. info in hand and walked into the store..the other manager was there and said, "ohm Lynn, what is wrong, you look upset. I said, "look it appears you used only three of my cards to get an even total. I am missing money,". The manager went in the back, pulled my makeup case and the paperwork and said, oh, you have cash back and your $88.91. We used most of your three cards and there was about 20.00 left, so we did not need the fourth card. You have a balance. When were they going to tell me this. I called twice yesterday and was told there was zero balance and no card. I was really upset. Yes, pain and suffering for sure..now I think I will get my ergo elsewhere...Someone made a huge error. What if I did not add the numbers up and realize only three cards were cashed in yesterday morning. I tell you Dick Tracy has nothing on me. And no, I did not have the numbers until I called the gift card number. You have to have at least the receipts for the gift cards which I did to get the last 4 xxxx numbers. Thank goodness they provided them to me. I am not going to buy at a pre-sale again, Now thanks to all for all of your help and sympathy. And thank you Sprinkles for your knowledge. I would think they would have called me and told me they had cash and a credit for me to pick up. ACCCCCCK such a mess. Now to feel better I need to decide...a Ergo hobo, large, camel or a black ergo tote..I saw one today on a girl and it was quite nice. What do you think ladies,one of those of Godiva chocolates???????
  2. I'm so glad it worked out Lynn! You sound like me...when it comes to money, I'm ON it! I hope they apologized to you. At least you can rest easy tonight. That kind of stuff keeps me tossing and turning. As for the bag, I think you should get the Large Ergo Hobo in Camel....so nice! Have a great night!
  3. Ohhh here's the update!! Ugh I'm so sorry about your experience, it's stupid that they kept telling you there was zero balance but thankfully you had your receipts and got your money back!

    I vote for the ergo hobo AND some chocolates!
  4. I am neurotic also. I worry about stuff all the time. I wouldn't have gotten the 4 hrs sleep though. ;)

    I spent Thur night wide awake because I was worried about the snow forecast!
  5. Yes, Camel large hobo and Godiva. That'll make you feel all better!
  6. HMMM sounds like a plan, but it is so expensive...I wonder if the camel scratches. I saw a girl with a black medium size today. She looked really cute with madras shorts and white sandals....I was confused for I wanted the big in camel at first, but it did look bigger than her bag. I already had a marshmallow Godiva, A starbucks frappe sample and some cake.....lol
  7. Rainbow 06:

    Please don't hold this against the Coach SA's. They made a mistake and I am sure they were going to call you and advise you of having more money on your cards when their store wasn't so busy. They are really busy now with the PCE and all and it was a mistake that would have been caught I am sure.

    Do get the Large Ergo Hobo in tan. I have the turquoise one coming as I already own an Ergo in Cognac and a Tan Color from four years ago. I love all of my Ergo Hobos - I have three now and am adding another to my collection. You will not be sorry if you purchase this bag.
  8. What we worry about they say never happens, but it does happen to me..seems like nothing ever runs smoothly and other people seem to have these non-chaotic lives...Yes, I slept but dreamed a lot. Probably under the circumstances, that was expected. Why do men fall asleep when they are upset so quickly???? I could not wait to get to the store..until morning. Obsessed with the thought ...If that store opened at 7, I would have been there...lol lol.....:idea:
  9. Hi Liz, I saw your bags. really nice. No, I am not upset at the SA's at all. I never get angry at anyone for long. I am really easygoing. Just was blowing off steam because I was worried that I had lost the card. I know the Coach SA's are at their busiest time. I would have known about it today anyway. Patience is not a virtue of mine especially when I have to return...or lose something. Anyway, the large hobo, with the one strap, or the tote with the legacy lining in tan that is open? You do mean the one with the zipper, right?
  10. Thanks for your concern. I had the chocolates already and I like the hobo in tan, but love the legacy lining in the tote...decisions decisions. but have to make my mind up before tomorrow. Let's take a vote. Isn't the large really big????
  11. I am on the fence as to the hobo or the tote that I saw today in black and the size to get medium or large. Good thing we got our pink hip bags..they are gone from Distribution as of today. No, they did not even know I was worried, I never said so...I am sure they would have called me today, they do not know I was up at 5 lol.....
  12. Rainbow 06:

    I have the Ergo Large Tote in Turquoise with the Dogleash closure No. 10744 which retails for $428.
    I also ordered for the PCE the Large Ergo Hobo in turquoise with the turnlock on the front and zipper closure no. 10741 which retails for $368. I love them both. I cannot wait to receive my hobo later this week.
    Choose that bag that you will use the most. I love larger bags so they are both practical for me as I carry alot of stuff for the most part. Good luck deciding.

  13. Thanks all of you for all of your kind support. I am really glad it worked out and have a great Saturday night and a green beer for me!!!!!
  14. OOOH what to do , what to do, they both sound lovely and are really pretty. Are they heavy. I do not usually carry loads of stuff except in my brown pebble shoulder tote that I got at the outlet. Everything is in there...
  15. Hey Lynn, I got nervous just reading your first thread! I am so glad that it worked out. I would have been just as upset as you were about losing precious Coach dollars. Enjoy all your new things!