update on my "moral dilemma" ...

  1. hello lovely pF-ers!! (and animal lovers)

    i just wanted to take the first opportunity i could to update all of you on the situation w/ the injured chi. i figured i should start a new thread since it might not have caught any attention since the other one had so many replies... hope you don't mind

    -well, the chi's situation is not as bad as we have all feared! we got a call from the caseworker (after leaving a couple of messages), and after being under SPCA care for a couple of weeks, they have helped heal his once lifeless front leg! he just has a little limp now! -i could not fully gather this part, (the caseworker was going so quickly!) but it seems as if they found that he had some infections in in his blood due to the bites from the other dog, which was why he was soo tired and groggy (he was actually very sick) and he is now being treated for it... and should be up and back to his normal self in a couple more weeks.

    all that aside, the caseworker said he could not give us any definite answer if we could adopt the chi, as they are still in the process of trying to build a case against the owners -BUT, he said that once the pup was avaliable for adoption we would be notified and be given "priority"

    i am VERY relieved now, and just want to thank all of you for your support! at first, seeing how run down this little chi had become, i did not have much hope that he could live a normal life (w/ only three legs, and numerous cuts!) but he is all healed now, and a big part of me knows it was though all of your hopes and prayers. -i'm sure he is VERY happy now, and appreciates all of the long-distance love you have shown him

    thanks again, to you all!! and i will update again as soon as i hear of any new news, OR if there is any word on if we can take the pup home
  2. This is wonderful! I'm so happy that everything has turned out allright for him and I'm crossing my fingers that you guys will be able to adopt him in the near future and that there will be some kind of punishment to the owners :yahoo:
  3. Hooray!!! I really hope that you can adopt him!! and I'm so glad he is getting the medical attention he deserves.
    I'm glad there are people left in this world like you who will still go to lengths for poor hurt animals.:heart:
  4. OMG this is great...if they need any references I am happy to write them a letter or speak on the phone with them. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that you will be this little dog's forever home!
  5. Yay! Good for you for doing the right thing! I'm so glad that little guy is doing better!
  6. Thanks for this great update! I hope you will get this little guy!
  7. I'm SO glad the little angel is doing better. I hope you can adopt him, as it is so very evident how much you care! Bless you!

    Thank you for the update--please let us know what happens!
  8. OMG Janny such great news!!!

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for being this little dog's guardian angel :smile:
  9. I am so glad to hear the little one is on the road to recovery. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are able to adopt him - as you already love him and are willing to give him a wonderful home.
  10. Wonderful news. (To be perfectly honest, I expected the news to be bad, his injuries just sounded so awful....so glad I was wrong). I hope you get him. Thanks for the update.
  11. thanks for the continued support, ladies!!

    my mother and i are also keeping our fingers crossed that we can take him in :smile:
  12. I'm so glad to hear that! I know how great it feels to know that you've saved a life. My two cats were "rescued" by one of DH's college friends when they were just 3 weeks old, and he and his wife had been giving them cow's milk before and after work. :wtf: When I heard this I called them right away and said that we'd take them off their hands. DH and I were both working full time (and still dating) and even though he had no say in it, DH took both kittens to work with him for 2 weeks so they could be bottle fed every 4 hours. (<-- this is the kind of man every woman should marry) After that I drove home to feed the cats before and after work and during my lunch until they could eat on their own, and believe me, they took their sweet time about it!

    Now about $1,000 in kitten formula and spay/nueter fees and two years later, we have two very loving cats. I think rescue pets are the best pets becasue of the love and effort that went into improving their lives, and I think animals have a sense of that.
  13. I am so glad that he is alright. I kept checking to see if there was any update. I hope yall can adopt him, since you love him so much already.
  14. awwwww that is such a nice ending i hope u get the doggy
  15. Oh im so happy, I hope you get to take him home!