Update on my Mono Mizi....

  1. Hi all, for those of you who were following my thread the other day, I had my Ebay Mizi authenticated today & I'm THRILLED to report that it is the real deal! *whew* I guess I just got really lucky with a great deal! It is in absolute mint condition, not a single mark on it. I'm only posting a couple because LV_Addict posted some great ones of hers the other day. Thanks to everyone who helped me!;)
    DSC00738.JPG dsc00748.jpg
  2. Congrat's
  3. Congrats, it is pretty!
  4. aww congrats!!! can I ask how much did you pay for it??
  5. It was $800 Buy it now:amuse:
  6. aww lucky uuu
  7. SOOO beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. Oh I'm so happy for you but sick with envy:hrmm:

    You got such a great deal. Makes us gals that paid full price pretty jealous :P

    Sorry I didnt get back with you with the date code I totally forgot unitl i just saw this post. I'm glad it worked out. You got really lucky. Geez
    $800 bucks. I can't beleive it:lol:
  9. Congrats,you got a nice deal & pretty bag.I love happy endings :yes: .
  10. Well, I would have paid more but was happy the seller didn't know

    & thanks Cat!
  11. Congrtas.
    Glad everything worked out for you!
  12. Such a good deal on an awesome bag! congrats:biggrin:
  13. congratz! such a cute bag
  14. Congrats! That was a great deal - and I bet you feel relieved after having it authenticated!
  15. OMG!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!! WHAT A DEAL!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!:heart: