Update on my Missing Cles

  1. I posted a while back about my Cles that I ordered from elux not showing up. ELux was great - they filed a claim with FedEx- the driver kept saying " I put it on the porch of the brick house" ( My house is brick- but so is every single other house on my street!!! :shrugs: ) Anyway - checked with the neighbors - no one had it. So who knows what happened? ELux refunded me - but they did also offer to resend. They were GREAT!

    I do not trust FedEx. DH and I belong to a Wine and Beer of the month club. Each shipment clearly states that the package requires an In-person signature from someone over 21. every month they have been left on the porch with no signature. :sad: No big deal to us with the beer and wine - but it is just the fact that they disregard the shippers instructions. We have never signed anything saying they can leave packages without our signatures!!! It is really just frustrating. Anyway- just wanted to share- thanks for all of the previous advice!! I now have my Cles- Mono and Framboise- :graucho: from the store.
  2. Glad everything worked out with you. Actually, I've heard of or had problems with every shipping company just leaving things too. Just laziness combined with a tight delivery schedule I suppose. It's a hassle though, when you have to deal with a missing shipment!
  3. I am very happy to hear that things worked out for you.
  4. glad to hear things worked out.. someone needs to legally go after fed-ex for this .. its just wrong.

  5. Wow, that is so very nice that eLux was a joy to work w/and made it all right...as it should be! Glad for you the hassle is o.v.e.r! Now...I hope you like the cles?! :smile:Wouldn't that suckola!? :smile:
  6. Glad you got it, something here with deliveries.
  7. glad it all got to you safe and sound from the store in the end!
    sounds like fed-ex MIGHT need some legal action there! e-gadz!
  8. So glad that e-lux took care of you! Fed-Ex makes me want to gouge eyeballs out sometimes! I swear they use the rookies/borderline psychotic drivers on our route.
  9. I am glad everything worked out for you in the end. I think all the major shippers have problems. So far, the only problem I have had with FedEx is when they delivered the Paul Smith bag I ordered for my BF. Instead of knocking and waiting for me to answer, the delivery person just dropped the box, knocked, and ran! Luckily, I was home, so I was able to grab the box right away. I have never had trouble with packages that were left at my door disappearing, but still...:s
  10. Awww... sorry this happened to ya and that it all worked out for ya in the end! :yahoo:

    Luckily the FedEx guy knows not to leave packages by my door when no one's around. :sweatdrop:
  11. glad to hear everything worked out!