Update on my MIA status...sorry for the delay on barbie contest and other projects...

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  1. Hi all,
    I just wanted to pop in and say I am so sorry for the delay in the Barbie contest and my other projects.

    My flu turned into the pneumonia and ended up spending 3 days in the hospital. I am home now, but still pretty out of it....sleeping alot and not a whole heck of a lot more.

    I will pick up the Barbie contest and other projects as soon as I able to function a little better.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesititate to PM me, but....please, be patient if takes me awhile to answer.

    Smiles, Mary
  2. Oh my gosh, Tink, I was wondering why I hadn't seen you around here...how scary being in the hospital! Flu this year has been so insanely OTT!!

    Hugs and glad you are OK...we missed ya, GF!

  3. Aw, so sorry to hear that, that must have been awful.

    Hope you'll feel better soon!
  4. feel better soon! *hugs*
  5. ohh no! I hope you feel better soon...get a lot of rest :smile:
  6. Oh my......I hope you are feeling a little better! Sending you some hugs and other positive "get better" vibes too!!
  7. I hope you feel better soon! :flowers::flowers:
  8. I've been wondering where you were tink! I hope you can get some rest! Feel better.
  9. Welcome back, take it easy and get some rest :yes:
  10. Feel better soon and don't worry- we'll all be waiting for you when you come back fully recovered!
  11. i hope you feel better.
  12. Get better soon, Tink:hugs:
  13. Get well soon!
  14. Feel Better Soon! :flowers:
  15. Glad you're back! :woohoo: