Update on my interview...

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  1. So I didn't get the job. For a quick overview for some of you who may not know... this is for a Senior Key Account Manager for a entertainment company. I don't have media experience however I had a lot of key account management experience in a consultive environment. I am a lot younger than the average "account manager" but that is because I got my first try in this type of role straight out of high school and was able to grow and develop my skills in the last number of years.

    I had a pretty good conversation with the line manager today and he gave me some encouraging words. He told me that I have a lot more ambition than 95% of the people that he has seen. But as a new manager and someone who is building a new team he needed to bring people on board who had more industry experience that I did. He said if he was only looking to fill one position then it would be a completely different scenario because he would be able to give me that support so I can be really be successful. I told him I wasn't upset and that I understood where he was coming from and that when his team is more solid and he is looking to bring people on to not hesitate to reconsider me when the time is right...

    I have a number of contacts within this company and all of them pushed him to hire me however he felt as a new manager that he would be stretching himself thin. He did give me a lot of good feedback and said everyone that he's talked to couldn't say anything but great things about me and that he knows I will go far. I just need the right "stepping stone". Which is true...

    I have an interview tomorrow with a competitors company. Same kind of entertainment/media layout but a smaller organization in comparison to the first. A lot of my key contacts that I had met along the way had gotten their start with this company so I do hope that this one may work out for me...

    Wish me luck! :sad:
  2. good luck! It sounds like you have the ability to do the job, this just wasn't the right time and the right place.
  3. Good luck!!!
  4. Good Luck!!!
  5. The problem wasn't so much with you as the opportunity and timing, so don't worry. G'luck with your interview tomorrow! :heart:
  6. I'm really sorry the first job didn't work out for you. I think you handled the discussion VERY WELL with the hiring manager...believe me, he will likely remember you in the future and you never know when you could hear from him again! I've worked with many hiring managers who say, "remember that person we interviewed a year ago? can you contact them and see if they're interested in this other job we have?"

    Best of luck in your next interview!!
  7. That was great of him to give you that encouragement and to even talk to you about it. I believe great things are in the very near future for you.
  8. Good Luck!!
  9. Maybe it was not mean to be, everything happens for a reason. GL tomorrow at your interview, you seem very qualified for the job I hope you get it.