Update on my Edith saga

  1. After trying a couple of times with different colored Ediths, I have decided to wait till fall and see what the bags look like then...

    In the mean time, I was in Nordstrom the other day and was not really looking to buy anything... but then I saw one of THESE in chocolate


    And totally fell in love. :love: Never thought I would, but there is just something about this bag that I love and it looks sooo good one me (!), so she's home with me now. Apparently she was a return from another store and the only one they had. Must have been meant to be :heart: I will try to post pics later.

    I have not given up my quest for an Edith, but my intuition (and bank account!) tell me I should wait. Thanks to everyone for your help :love: :heart: :love:
  2. Oh wow! Roo! I've never seen the choco IRL but am pretty sure it's a beauty. :sneaky: Congratulations!
  3. I love the chocolate Muse! It is just gorgeous and timeless! Congratulations! I am sure there will be lots of Chloes to keep us all busy this Fall!
  4. Thanks girls. The thing about the muse that I love is the SMELL of the leather, which I am told is buffalo. Its smells soo good! Also about the Edith- Mr. Roo complained the other day that I tend to buy myself the stuff I want. I have a birthday in December and I told him he can get me an Edith then.
  5. Gorgeous! Always go with your gut Roo, the muse is one of the next bags I want to check out though I feel like a late bloomer - is that the XL? I am quite short er I mean petite (much nicer word!) so curious as to how big the L and XL are....
  6. The bag I got was the large. If anyone is looking for the XL in black they have one at Nordstrom in Seattle. They only had two- the choco I got and the XL black. I think the L would be plenty big. The salesgirl tried it on and she was a lovely petite asian girl and the Large size looked great on her. I am big- 6' tall and 170lbs so I think the Muse looks good on everyone.

    Sorry for the thread drift girls...
  7. thank you for the info and sorry about leading you on the thread drift Roo!
  8. Pursemama's niece had the oversize choco at the PF meeting, tod! It was nice! Doesn't look good on me though.:sad:

    Congrats, Roo! Goodluck on your quest for the Edith!
  9. OMG Roo, I did the exact same thing two weeks ago! Daisy was always singing the praises of the Muse and I was like,:yucky: I'm not going there! Then my sister came to visit and took me on a pre-birthday shopping spree. We were waiting for NM to open in Boston - the handbag department was right in front of me in the window and I was salivating to get inside. Once there, I looked to the right and there was the large chocolate Muse on a shelf. I bounded over and my sis said, "You have to get this bag; it is gorgeous and classic!" And that was that!!

    Congrats - I am glad to see another Chloe girl with a Muse in her bag collection. :biggrin: For those of you who are wondering about the size, I am 5'2", about 114 lbs, and have the large.
    Muse1Resized.jpg MuseHoldResized.jpg
  10. Chocolate muse is just as yummy! Congrats, Roo! That's good choice too!
  11. Not sure how I missed that:huh: such a gorgeous piece!
  12. Congrats Roo!!! Yippeee!! Another choco Muse owner! Isn't she just gorgeous? I have the large choco as well and it's my fav bag atm. And I know what you mean about the leather smell... oooohhh!!!

    Also, I had foot surgery nearly 2 weeks ago and with my crutches hobbling around (DH helping of course) my bag has bashed into a few structures and the leather has held up perfectly. You wouldn't know I had been so clumsy and rough with it!

    Enjoy her! Now, the thing is.. when your birthday comes around, you may want another Muse instead!!! I'm waiting for the red but have seen someone post pics of the oak colour and it looks divine! Or maybe even the ivory (which was my initial first choice)..
  13. Congrats Roo!!! It's beautiful. The chocolate is my favorite! I'm trying really hard to not want the Muse!!
  14. ^^GGS, resistance is futile.. It's only a matter of time, lol!
  15. Congrats Roo! I just ordered the large choco muse for myself too at NM on Saturday and I'm having it personalized. I can hardly wait to get it - I loved it so much IRL!