Update on my earlier NM rant...

  1. So, I ended up returning the Ferragamo tote that I ordered from NM.com that arrived missing it's strap. I called them to say that I was planning a store return so that they should stop communicating with Ferragamo to send the strap.

    I returned the bag Friday evening.

    Guess what came in the mail last night? The strap. The kicker - the strap was the WRONG color. The bag was a chocolate brown and the strap I got was black. So, while I want to give them brownie points for trying, they a) still sent me something when I asked them not to, and b) still sent the wrong item.
  2. Oh no!
  3. What terrible service, SuLi. I'm glad you returned that bag, you can shop somewhere else that will provide better service for you.
  4. Neiman Marcus online and Bergdorf Goodman online are horrible from my experiences.. I am just going to buy things from their stores..
  5. That's not good service, glad you returned the bag, to have to wait even longer for correct strap would be so maddening
  6. Good grief! If it wasn't so irritating it would almost be humorous...The perfect ending to a "bag" story...Sorry about your terrrible experience and I hope that you have better luck in the future.
  7. I would have dropped NM months ago. Suli, you're starting to become a glutton for punishment.
  8. Oh that's horrible!! Who did you deal with, btw? Was it over the phone or with your regular SA?
  9. Geez, it just gets worse! I am sorry to hear that you've had such a bad time.
  10. I know. It's too bad that they tend to have the best selection in the area that we live in. I know that Nordstrom's is getting there, but I'm just so used to Neiman's and haven't had problems until the last few months. I'm definitely on a self-imposed ban for awhile now. Hopefully the bad purse karma will go away.
  11. That is so unacceptable. When you pay that kind of money and to have them still get the shipment wrong:confused1: :confused1:
  12. I've always had good experience with NM.
  13. Yeah, me too. I have never had any problems. I think its because I always go to the store and go through my SA when I'm ordering things.
  14. What a pain!
  15. I did that at first. I ordered a few bags from my SA first, and the first time, the bag that was delivered was clearly used because the cream lining was soiled and missing all its tags. The second time, the interior mirror of the bag I ordered was missing. So, I saw something I liked online and ordered it, only for it to be missing it's strap.