UPDATE on my dyed cornflower Work

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  1. Hello,
    just wanted to give everyone an update on what the bag looks like 2 months later.

    The picture on the left was taken 2/23/07; picture on the right was taken on 4/25/07.
    crnflwer_022307.jpg crnflwer_042507.jpg
  2. i love the look of it its chic in a casual way ...i see it with rugged jeans and killer heels ... u made the right decision! :drool:
  3. OMG -- it got smooshier! If I didn't know it was dyed, I wouldn't think it was. Great decision!
  4. As I explained to Fiatflux, the bag has "settled" into its color. It looks more distressed than when I first got it back. It's almost like the original color is coming through the dye...I like it alot.


    if you look at the upper left, you can see the original cornflower color coming through the leather.

    look at the lower right to see the original color coming through

    Comparison of the undyed pieces of the bag

    the back

    the handles
  5. Esiders - thanks for the updated photo! Very cool!
  6. I love that it is getting smooshy again. Enjoy your bag!!!
  7. why did you dye your bag? who did u send it to?
  8. I'd like to know why you dyed it too :smile: it looks great though.
  9. It looks smoother. I'm curious as to why you died it as well.
  10. wow esiders the bag looks great!:yes:
  11. Wow! Now see, that's exactly how my marron 04 is. You can see darker and lighter shades. With the brown it's like a wood grain, but same sort of thing with your original dye coming thru. Beautiful.
  12. Oooh, Cornflower! I was debating between that and French blue. They did a great job!

    I'm sorry if I missed the thread that might answer this question...but why did you get it re-dyed? I know some of the SS 06 leather were bad, but was that the reason why?

    Sorry...if you've covered this before! And glad you got your bag back in time for summer! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. looks very nice, they did a very good job, I LIKE IT!!
  14. looks great!!!
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