update on my crooked manhattan pm

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  1. maybe its just me but does it look kind of crooked?? (same pics but one w/ arrow to show what i mean).
    edit.JPG DSC00449.JPG
  2. It does look crooked,If it bothers you,(stuff like this drives me crazy)Return it for another.:love: Good luck
  3. It's crooked. If you just purchase this you should take it back to the boutique and exchange it.
  4. i bought it through elux. do u think they'll let me exchange it at the boutique?
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. It looks a little crooked to me... I would return it. ;)
  7. Yeah it def looks crooked! You cant exchange elux items at boutiques though!!
  8. i'd definitely exchange it, and yes, you may exchange at the boutique w/receipt from Elux. good luck!
  9. do u know if i have to go to the LV boutique or can i also go to the ones in macys,bloomindales, Saks?
  10. The tag on my speedy was sewn crooked, they took it right back. Don't keep it, it will drive you insane looking at it!
  11. exchange it if it bothers you. dont worry about what they will think, i have exchanged things for the tiniest things that 'normal' people wouldnt notice, like 1mm of peeling on a vernis item and inconsistant stitching.
  12. I am going to exchange it because the more I look at it, the more it bothers me. has anyone tried exchanging something at the boutique when they got it off elux??
  13. Exchange it, I exchanged my papillon that I got from elux at the LV boutique but it is at their discretion. If one store refuses, maybe you have another closeby. If you fail, elux will exchange it for you and you don't have to pay for the return shipping.
  14. It does look crooked to me...I would definitely exchange it.
  15. ack! its crooked!! take it back and ask for a return or an exchange