update on my condo...


Sofa King Addicted
Mar 1, 2006
sorry this is long, but i'm really mad...i had work last night. i slept at 10:30 this morning because i had things to do, then around 1:30 my real estate agent called me up and told me that the sellers got a higher offer for the condo (they had agreed to my offer last thursday). my real estate agent said that they got an offer for a higher price, with a higher downpayment, and they can close earlier. so i said ok, i'll think about what i want to do. i spoke with my parents...i decided to stick with my offer, because personally...i'm getting a bad feeling about this. and from my other post about this, everyone said that they always had everything in writing. so i just got off the phone with him and i asked him if he ever had any of that in writing. he said that everything was done verbally and when i told him that in the future i want all the offers/counteroffers to be in writing, he told me that most of these transactions are done verbally, because the negotiations can move quickly...which i think is bull, because everyone here said that their real estate agents never even considered doing their negotiations verbally. anyway, i'm just really pissed off because i paid $1000 last week for the downpayment, then when i did all my mortgage stuff, i gave another check for almost $3000. plus, he never even gave me the analysis so that i could compare how much condos were selling in the area. he only told me "they're going for about $230-250,000." i'm so mad...i think i'm going to go with another agent, but i'm going through them to get my mortgage, and i locked in at a really good rate (5.5%). that's the only reason why i'm reluctant to go with another real estate agent. *sigh* does anyone know any good real estate agents in central nj? please pm me if you do...i'm *frustrated*. plus, i only had 3 hours of sleep this afternoon and i have work again tonight...i couldn't fall asleep anymore after i spoke to him...
Hang in there girl! Buying property is a roller coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs. Just keep venting, it helps. Before you know it you will soon be a home owner! Good Luck to ya!
Oh no!! I'm so sorry. Let's see if we can find you an agent who knows what they're doing. Are you near Philipsburg? One of my friends is an agent in Easton PA. I think he's licensed for NJ too.
i don't know any real estate agents in your area but i'm so sorry things fell through you seemed so excited/happy :sad2:.....hopefully things work out for a best and you find the perfect condo for you :P
I've heard of these kinds of things happening under New Jersey law, where an offer is accepted and then rescinded due to a higher offer a few days later. That would be unable to happen here in Michigan, as all offers must be accepted in writing and then countersigned by the purchaser.

I would be pleased to find you a new agent. I am a residential Realtor who previously lived in Metuchen and worked in Edison. I know New Jersey well. Just PM me.
It does sound like you need a new real estate agent! I'm sorry you're going through this, buying a home is tough. I wish you lots of luck, please keep us updated on what happens!
wow that's a reaaaaally really low rate. Are you sure there's no catch? Prepayment pentalties, extra fees stuck in here and there? I'm a loan officer so I know how shady this business can be. Be careful!
oh and also, I think it would be a good idea to do your own research of that area as well as asking your real estate agent. You can call an appraiser in your area and tell them your with "blah blah mortgage" and ask them if they can do a "comp" for that area. Just pretend you're a loan officer and they'll do it for free, but it's not an official appraisal. Okay I'm probably not making any sense right now because I'm so sleepy. =/ sorry.