UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! ON MY COACH REPAIR what do get now!

  1. i sent in my sig. stripe tote for repair, the corners were fraying

    i got a call today that my bag can not be repaired so i am getting a credit of $290 tax included:yahoo:

    so what shall i get?

    i fell in love with a carly today it was black/white with sliver hardware i have never seen this combo b4 i :heart::heart: it!!!!!!!

    i also like the NEW sig stripe shoulder tote! i love the fact that it has a zip top!!!

    throw some suggestions :yahoo:pics would be great

  2. I like the new Signature Stripe Tote too. The zip top is a bonus. I say go for it.
  3. yippee!! :yahoo: I also had a bag they could not repair and I have a credit now for $425!! :tup: I am not sure what I am going to get yet because the bag I sent in was a large Carly and I found another one for a great price so I bought it. If you wait til' PCE you can get more bank for your buck, and I don't think it's too far out! :tup:
  4. how do repair credits work? Do you get the full retail value of the bad or only partial value? ...and I'm still in love with Madeleine, if you want my opinion.
  5. Do you have to have the receipt? What if the bag was a gift? I don't need a repair but this is good information to know.
  6. If it were me I'd wait for some of the really cute stuff coming out soon...like the tattersall totes :love:
  7. do they give you a credit and your bag back?
  8. you do not need a receipt. i just went to the store filled out a repair form. i didnt get the bag back, i got a credit for the amount of the bag plus tax! this process took only 3 weeks from when i dropped off the bag till i got the call that they couldn't fix it.
  9. Yep, full retail including tax. :yes:

    Nope, no receipt needed, doesn't matter where you got the bag from, as long as it's authentic of course :p You can send it in with a $20 fee or take it into a boutique who will waive the fee and send it in.. it takes 4-6 weeks to hear back. If they can't repair it they send you a letter with the credit amount. :tup:
  10. just get something you really want...
  11. How cool, thanks for the information.
  12. Not all places will waive the fee, I sent in a repair and I had to pay the $20 which I think is outrageous! But oh well!
  13. i think the fact that coach can repair the bag or give you a credit is a really good reason to buy coach bags. My bags tend to die over time so it will be interesting to see what happens to my coach bags as I am new to purchasing coach. I do love the peace of mind that if there is a problem I can send it in for repair or credit.
  14. Congrats on your credit! Like Fields said, PCE is arriving soon, you could get more for your $$ then? The new Sig Stripe tote is very cute - I like it with the zip top also.
  15. i think i am going to get the black/white carly because it fits better underneath my shoulder and its sooo light