UPDATE- On my Camel Lily repair

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  1. Hi everyone-

    Previous thread http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/warning-may-hurt-your-eyes-look-my-poor-261571.html

    I talked to CS today and they are replacing it. However, she was very clear they were replacing it NOT because of the damage but because JAX damaged the bag while transferring/sorting. She said they had determined it was not defective by dye transfer.

    I then explained it was the second day I used the bag and I had on well-washed clothing, neither of which should have led to a transfer like that. I then explained that since I was on vacation I took it to the local COach and didn't have my receipt, but when I got home my local boutique couldn't believe the pics and told me they would have exchanged the bag. The CS rep said the girl that sits next to her has one and has never had a problem, so I shouldn't have a problem with the replacement.

    I was all set to get the Patent Putty Gigi instead because of the thought of transfer again. What should I do?

    Replacement should be here in 5-7 days.
  2. Well first of all, good to hear they are replacing it.

    However, in terms of Gigi vs. Lily, if you can keep both, I would keep both. If not, I choose the Gigi over the Lily.
  3. wow, i don't believe them! that color transfer was really bad. can you just return the replacement? or wear it until it happens again and send it in again....?
    b/c of your initial thread i will never buy a camel coach!
    does anyone else have camel lily?? or this problem w/ a camel bag??
  4. Glad they're replacing it. Are you going to keep it or sell it for a darker color? Maybe you can ask for a different color right now.

    I have a soho satchel being repaired at JAX and it's been a month, I called them finally and they said they don't even have it in their system. :wtf: They said not to worry, it's probably there but hasn't been entered in the system.

    Edit: Oh, I see you're considering the patent putty gigi. I wouldn't if I were you, I really get turned off lately by the patent. It is leather but it is coated with plastic and I just think that's not as good as original leather in my opinion.
  5. Coachfreak- I am so happy you are at least getting a replacement but this also happen to my camel med lily when I was wearing med. washed jeans that I had washed a couple of times .I got most of it out with apple leather care then I wore it with some other jeans for dinner one night another transfer on the back right where my jeans hit the bag so I cleaned her again------------------------------
    and now I dont wear her with jeans anymore which limits me! so I would consider taking her in to the store when you get your replacement bag
    and exchange her for the Putty Gigi which is a great bag ! I am sure you can do that right? since CS seems a little sticky about this!:?:
  6. I am not sure they will let you exchange a replacement bag. :shrugs: If they will and you think you would enjoy the Gigi more go for it. :tup: I do love that Lily though... :love:

    If you keep her try conditioning her right away and then giving the leather a liberal couple of coats of leather protector like Wilson's TLC or Applegarde - it will help to prevent transfer and make it easier to remove if some dye does rub off from your clothes.

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you for posting this! Also congrats on getting them to replace your poor bag!! Before I begin my saga, let me vote and agree with margaritamix..keep both or exchange for the Gigi. I prefer the Gigi to the medium lily.

    Ok, I also inquired last weekend, as I own the same Lily. I wore it in the store without removing the tag in case I wanted to return it. I was kind offered an exchange for the black, and I say kind of because it was suggested I get the black but I didn't respond to that. I asked them specifically about the warranty issue, and two stores told me flat out that is it NOT a warranty issue and that they don't recommend wearing the bag with jeans. I said HA!, fat chance since that's what I wear most of the time!!

    The second store told me there is no way they can send it to Coach for cleaning or repair...but I can always have it redyed by a professional when the transfer gets really bad. It seems they send it out for me to someone they use in the state (does all the high end brands as well)...but I pay for this out of my own pocket. I was given the contact info and have not yet called, but I was also told I could also have the bag dyed any color I choose. I will probably investigate this further before I remove the tags.
  8. I'm probably going to get strung up for this but why should coach give you another bag for poor dye used by a clothing manufacturer? It isn't unusual wear by any stretch of the imagination. You should be going after the company who makes the jeans, not the manufacturer of the bag.

    I think the original poster is lucky coach did this for them.
  9. Hi Renie
    This was my first light purchase. Although I am aware of transfer issues, previously I posted my sister had transfer on her Gucci from a new pair of dark jeans, the clothes I wore were not dark or new. I have worn the exact same outfit with my Whiskey Lily and many of my scarf print bags without issue. The person above was warned not to wear with jeans, but if I had been given the same advice I likely would not have purchased the bag. Although I carry my LV speedy in hand, I prefer to carry the Lilys on my shoulder.

    My concern now is that this will happen again even though the CS person said it shouldn't. I don't want to take a chance because jeans aside, all my tops are pink, black, and brown. Who is to say these won't transfer either.

    On a side note- this week at the Legacy boutique they were suggesting/pushing several lighter bags on me. I explained what happened with the Lily and insisted I would not get anymore light leather bags. I even had on the same jeans (I told you they are well-worn) and they said there shouldn't have been transfer. Now even if they were using it as a selling technique, what recourse does a customer have when they are told point-blank transfer won't be an issue and then it is?
  10. Yes, IMO return it now and save yourself the headache. There are so many people on here with transfer issues if I was looking now I wouldn't even chance it.

    Even with the patent Gigi I am cautious. I haven't had any issues with my tattersall canvas travel tote, buri am wondering about my new Bleecker canvas tote.
  11. Thanks for your lengthier explanation .. if the same jeans didn't transfer on the scarf print then that is really weird b/c they pick up EVERYTHING - I think the scarf prints are the most delicate next to regular canvas.

    If Coach said it isn't a problem than let them replace it. I guess Coach thought that maybe what they used to protect the leather was poorly tested on this particular batch of leather for the Lily?

    I got some dye transfer on my tattersall satchel from a dark pair of jeans that I've washed atleast 30 times and I've tested it on some white cloth and some dye comes off still. I have a lost cause b/c of that and I still wouldn't try to blame it on Coach for my particular bag. It was only a small spot so it isn't that noticeable.
  12. No problem Renie. I completely understood what you were saying, but I just couldn't believe the amount of transfer with that pair of jeans. They likely get washed at least twice a week because I wear them so much. I am so careful with my purses that I was mortified at the sight of all that black. Then that SAs still insist that transfer isn't an issue with light bags is just laughable. I just bought the legacy Thompson slim tote and I got the walnut because I was too scared to get natural (gorgeous) or even the light blue.

  13. I actually wear jeans most of the time...and even jeans (expensive ones) that I have washed a TON of times will transfer on light bags just from the friction of rubbing against my hip. I'm very short, and I've always had this problem with bags since a lot of them hit my jeans even when on my shoulder... so I am definitely aware of the issue. I try to clean the bag after each use.

    Honestly, I think the SAs were wrong to tell you that it shouldn't happen with this bag... because it usually doesn't matter how light the dye or colorfast the garment...the constant rubbing will definitely cause it over time with most light things. If you've washed something a ton of times, though, the transfer is lighter and takes longer to build up...and easier to clean off. But if you live in a humid environment or go out in wet weather, it can be very bad no matter how much something is washed. The lighter the bag, the worse it is... This is one reason why I don't buy many white bags...I worry too much!

    I will say that after such a short period, though, your bag definitely looked horrible!! I think it's the leather...the burnished leather doesn't seem to pick up the transfer quite as quickly or as dark. The light Vachetta seems to soak it up, probably because of the way it's tanned relative to other types of leather. It's almost like suede or nubuck. This is what I worry about with this particular bag. Even my whiskey large lily has a tiny bit of transfer on it...but I try to keep it cleaned off. The good news is it just doesn't show as much!

    I will say that patent is easier to clean off, but yes, a light color will probably pick up some color. If you keep it off after each use, it should help. The coating on patent helps a lot, but patent tends to be more susceptible to cracking over time.

    I don't worry so much if I can keep the bag on my shoulder, and the strap(s) are short (so that the bag doesn't hit my jeans)... but like you, I also worry about colored tops with a bag as light as this lily. They also told me not to wear colored pea coats when I was at the store last weekend. I was wearing a dark brown top that day, and did not have a problem...but when the bag is sitting on my shoulder, it doesn't move that much...and it was not a wet weather day.

    I actually never expected Coach to accept this as a fault on their end, but my goal was to find out whether the bag can be repaired/replaced...or whether this would be honored under their warranty. I'm not surprised that they are apathetic about it, but I would think they would want to be a bit more careful with the information they give their customers. I do think they need a disclaimer on their care cards.

    Since there is a place in NJ that can do the redying of the bag, I will get info on that. If I find out that it is not that expensive, I will probably keep the bag because it does fit on my shoulder and I like the color. I rotate bags a lot anyway, so this one probably won't get used that much. But if I find out it's a lot of money to do it, and it's not going to look original after it's dyed, then I will probably return it and get something else. I keep waiting to see if another color (teal) is going to be released because I was told that was showing up as a color. I would be all over that in a heartbeat and just exchange the camel!

    Anyway, I'm so glad they are giving you a new bag! That's a lot of money to pay and have a bag ruined within a couple of times of wearing it!!
  14. Can this bag be dyed since it has a fabric lining? IDK, but many years ago I had a bag dyed and was told that it would be submerged into the color solution.

    Make sure that you ask before taking this route. However, it would be fabulous to have it dyed to Teal...
  15. Since you really like the style, consider the Medium Lily in Black and the Putty Gigi?

    I'm glad that COACH is replacing your bag, but you should decide ASAP which new bag you'd like because I've heard other tPFers say that they were not able to exchange their replaced bag. So if COACH can send the new bag that you choose, you might save yourself a headache down the road.

    Good Luck with everything...