Update on my black reissue!!

  1. I still love my bag so much I need to post a thread to update on our affair:lol: .

    So far,she has been to bars,pubs,restaurants and dinner parties,to resounding applause!! i fit all my essentials into the bag (226) and it's a beautifully proportioned size.

    I adore the "feel" of the lambskin...I want to touch it all the time...and the bag doesn't have a scratch despite the fact that I've kind of relaxed about it a bit. It also hasn't been in its box since it arrived.

    My large black muse mainly goes shopping and to work these days,because she's so much easier to fit purchases into and so very many things just disappear into her enormously capacious interior :lol: !! I'm really enjoying her too,though.

    I'm taking some time just to enjoy these two bags for a while...and tan paddy and choc Roxy have also been having some outings when black bags are uncalled for...

    But everyone knows who the star is...sigh....:love:
  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying it- it would be a shame to hide it away in a box in a dark closet.:P I took my black vintage line flap out on Friday night to a wedding and I confess that I bought my outfit just so I could carry the handbag:graucho: .
  3. LOL! I buy clothes to match my bag too!
  4. :lol: I have definitely been wearing more clothes that go with black bags recently :lol: ...and not too much other metal (jewellery,shoes etc) so as not to bling too much with my chain...
  5. Maybe you should post pics with different outfits???
    Would love to see!
  6. ***hugs*** for you and your chanel.... i'm glad you're still in love!
  7. I'm So Glad You Are Enjoying It.....It's Such A Beautiful Bag!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the update!! I'm glad you're happy with it :smile:
  9. I want pics. ^o^
  10. Your reissue is so beautiful!!
    It's my dream bag (the black with silver hardware) and I wish so much that there was a Chanel store near me. Please post photos wearing it!
  11. Thanks everyone!! It's the 2005 black with gold hardware...but I should post some piccies wearing it...will do after the long weekend (which it is here...Ascension Day brings two holidays)...as fiance gives me funny looks when I take pics of self in mirror :lol: .
  12. all this talk about a reissue and i keep wanting one.. sigh. im so happy u are using ur bag.. im sure u smile every time u touch it or look at it :smile: