Update on my Belen Echandia Saga!


Oct 12, 2007
Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know the latest..... Well, my second LM arrived last week in Pewter Crash. And although, I did want another BE handbag in my closet as you all know, the metallic just wasn't for me. I think I'm just more "boring" then I even ever imagined.

The pewter was gorgeous, if ever, I was tempted to buy a metallic, this would have been the one. But, I just couldn't do it. I walked around with it for a minute, and just didn't feel like "me". Even my daughter didn't know who I was. LOL

Tropical Gal, you were right! And not just about color, but, yes, the LM is a bit on the heavier side, so why buy another of the same model. I took your advice because it was true. Thanks.

AND, I bought a Large Stroke me. You ladies, by now , all know I love leather to have a little shine/softness/slouchy look (but not too slouchy either), and the chocolate matte, was too "matte" for me. I can definetely see where others would love the chocolate because it was still a gorgeous handbag.

Well, I thought, I was really in trouble because all the SM's were sold out. So, I had accepted that the LM would probably be the only BE handbag I would own at the moment. Then, Jackie came thru for me and did a special order on the SM in the color Petrol. It's the very first time SM will be in Petrol, Jackie told me yesterday. Wow.

Now, the wait begins. Hopefully by Christmas , I will have the SM and post details....


Jul 31, 2006
96° in the shade
Sometimes getting is JUST RIGHT takes a while but it's so worth it! The good thing is that you know yourself well, and what works for you, so while it's hard to pass up a gorgeous bag you know that the one you end up with will be the perfect one that gets loved and used. Good luck!
Sorry to hear about this. It is so hard to handbag purchase when you can't see and hold the bag in real life. And even when you do shop irl, you can still make a mistake! I know that for me, Pewter Crash would have to be something small, like the Clutch Me. But other ladies on tpf have the Love Me in pewter crash and it works for them. Same goes for me with a red handbag. It has to be the "right" red, and even then, can't be too big. Otherwise, for me, it is like walking around with something that shouts I AM A BIG RED HANDBAG. DO YOU SEE ME? I AM RED. DEFINITELY RED. And I just don't want my accessories to shout so loudly. That said, I am looking for a great red handbag. But I think it will be a long time before I find one.


Aug 5, 2006
Otherwise, for me, it is like walking around with something that shouts I AM A BIG RED HANDBAG. DO YOU SEE ME? I AM RED. DEFINITELY RED.

lovebags2 - I think you made a good choice with the large Stroke Me and petrol is the best color (IMO as a blue bag lover). Hope you love it!


Oct 12, 2007
Thanks TropicalGal. I"m a fairly fussy person, but, once I find what I want, I"m set and so loyal. So, now it's a waiting game for the SM. I have really set high expectations for this bag, we'll have to wait and see.

Here's my thoughts on the LM, I wear it everyday and love it. But, it does get a little heavy at times (I'm used to the strap issue) just to run into Starbuck's for a fast minute or the post office etc...

I really want a lighterweight everyday bag, but, now I just don't want it too big either. I want the SM to be slouchy, but not "droopy". Does that make any sense? And I want it to be easy to find something in it and not have to dig for let's say, my pen or checkbook.

Have I set the standards too high for this bag? Stay tuned and find out soon.....

TropicalGal, I might be able to help you with the red bag. I too was searching for a really cute red that wasn't too much. I searched a long time and then found a nice one. It's Michael Kors and it's the chestertown. That model comes in two colors, a brighter cherry red and a deeper burgundy. Based on wanting a red that is just "user friendly", I picked the burgundy. Both were nice colors though.

It is a red patent but very nice. The patent doesn't look cheap. It's classy. You have to be so careful with red handbags and especially patent ones. They can either look great or cheap IMO.

Let me know what you think, If you like one, I can help you locate one at a outlet where I bought mine in New York. And after BE prices (totally worth it though), you'll be amazed, only 200.

I didn't want to spend a lot on a "red" handbag. I just wanted one in my closet for those special times, I felt like red. Does that make sense? Hope I helped you today. If MK isn't for you, I"ll keep my eye out for something else. Oh, it's on Ebay too if you have a hard time bringing up a picture.