update on my bag situation!!!

  1. Ok. So I'm sure some of you remember me as the girl who's mother wouldn't allow her to get a B-bag, despite the fact that I have a job, pay for rent, and pay for food, would use my own money,but live under her roof. [I knew her not letting me and threatening me was her way of showing she cares and doesn't want me to make a massive mistake by blowing so much money on a bag] Well, I talked it out with her (for a good hour or so), and she said i could get the bag [using my own money], on the condition i get "good grades" (A's and only A's). Oi. But I'm so excited. I'm gonna go do some searchin now! :yahoo:
  2. WooHoo! Congrats!
  3. yikes...!! :wtf:

    but then when u DO get the bbag it's going to be SOOO much sweeter...! :p:yes:
  4. :drinks:
  5. Dude... let me know what you get! :smile: Lucky girl!!!
  6. Congrats! You must be so excited! :dothewave:
  7. ITA!

    Congrats, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  8. cOngrats way to compromise!! :wlae:
  9. Congrats :drinkup: Let us know when you decided which one to get :beach:
  10. That's great that you can talk to your mom and work things out.
  11. Okay.. I gotta know which one you are going to get!!
  12. Congrats! Don't let your mom down. Somehow I'm sure you won't.:yes:
  13. lol. I've been keeping my eyes open for a Steel Work. I saw a girl with a steel weekender at the airport in line and fell in love with the color :yes:
  14. OOh great choice! I have the Steel first and the color is great! Plus.. it's a must have color for the season.
  15. WOOHOO!! Congrats, girl! I think Plomb is a wonderful choice! Most of the Plombs I've seen have the best leather!