UPDATE on my agenda!!!!

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  1. Ok so as you know my damier koala agenda broke :sad:.......

    So I went to LV in King of Prussia tonight and they were super nice first of all...she looked up my information and they appolgized over and over again....so she there are 2 options....1st is to send it to LV and they can fix it or 2nd get a new one!!! well they didnt have any of the damier koala's in the store BUT they did have the damier azur :yahoo:sooooooo....i got the DAMIER AZUR small agenda and they gave me a $95.00 dollar credit since the koala i originally had was more expensive....so i got the DAMIER CLES :nuts:!!!! I am so excited i have wanted the cles for a really long time but just havnt gotten it....i wasnt sure i would have a purpose for it!! But i put my keys on it and I LVOE it!!!

    I will post pics tomorrow morning!!!!
  2. Yay! Glad that LV came through for ya :smile:
    Congrats on the new stuff!
  3. Congrat's, two great items:smile: you'll love your cles.
  4. thanks so much!!!! i am really excited i got the cles...i wasnt so sure at first but after having it for the past couple hours and using it I LVOE it!!!!!
  5. how cool!! congrats!! two items for the price of one ;)
  6. Congrats
  7. Yay! Glad LV made it right for you.
  8. Congrats..! Glad it turn out great in the end. So nice of them to give you the option of getting something new! You've been having it for few months, right?
  9. I had the old agenda since christmas time....so ive had it for like 5 months.
  10. Thanks for the update! :yes:I hope my local LV has such great service too, yet to know coz I haven't send anything for repair so far. :P
  11. Glad they let you exchange! They're always great whenever I've had to do an exchange.
  12. Oh that's great, that they were so nice about letting you exchange it! Have fun with your new items!
  13. Omg Im Soooo Happy 4 U!!! Enjoy!!
  14. I love hearing great customer service stories! :smile: I can't wait to see photos!
  15. Now that's what I call customer service. Congratulations!