UPDATE on my agenda!!!!


Oct 9, 2006
Ok so as you know my damier koala agenda broke :sad:.......

So I went to LV in King of Prussia tonight and they were super nice first of all...she looked up my information and they appolgized over and over again....so she there are 2 options....1st is to send it to LV and they can fix it or 2nd get a new one!!! well they didnt have any of the damier koala's in the store BUT they did have the damier azur :yahoo:sooooooo....i got the DAMIER AZUR small agenda and they gave me a $95.00 dollar credit since the koala i originally had was more expensive....so i got the DAMIER CLES :nuts:!!!! I am so excited i have wanted the cles for a really long time but just havnt gotten it....i wasnt sure i would have a purpose for it!! But i put my keys on it and I LVOE it!!!

I will post pics tomorrow morning!!!!