Update on mole removal.. thanks to all that helped.

  1. It's been a month since having it removed. Its looking really great. I do have a fine red line however. Will that eventually disappear into skin color? Thanks to everyone who set my mind at ease and it was exactly how you all discribed. Hugs and kisses.
  2. Im so happy it worked well for you :smile: The red line should eventually fade to where its barely noticable, just takes time :smile:
  3. Thanks Corrinne, the Dr gave me a product called scarguard, its like putting nail polish on your scar. He told me to use it for 3 months. Did you use anything like this?
  4. I use vitamin E oil around my eyes at night as a moisturizer, so when the incision was healed I made sure to apply it to the scar as well (mine was removed from my upper cheekbone just below the eye). you cant even see it now and i forget its there 99% of the time
  5. Oh thats great, glad yours healed up nicely, thanks for the tip.
  6. I still have a faint faint line, use the scarguard and it will eventually fade. Scars tend to get worse before they get better.
  7. It takes about a full year but it will fade to your skin color. I wouldn't worry about putting anything on it. I've had so many removed and you can't even see where they were...however I have very fair skin. Not sure what skin type you have.
  8. Hi Thanks girls. I have light olive skin. Its only been one month since the removal, and it is looking really good so far. I just hope this red mark goes away. Its way better than the mole, but I would like it to lighten up too. I appreciate all your comments, thanks..:love:
  9. Hi, I had a mole removed on the left side of my nose just under my eye. When I had it removed, my surgeon told me to apply a little lotion and massage it in a circular motion every day to get the scar to smooth out. Of course, I didn't listen and so I do have a faint raise in my skin still. My husband is insisting that its because I didn't listen so I thought maybe the tip would be helpful to you?!

    BTW, that was about 3 years ago.
  10. Thanks..
  11. Yay Shoegal! I am so happy this worked out so well for you...dont worry...hopefully that line will fade to your skin color...it will just take some time :nuts:
  12. :yahoo: I'm glad everything worked out great! And your redness should fade, just give it sometime.
  13. Thank you all so much for "walking me through this". I was nervous but it all worked out nicely. The only thing I am concerned with is that it looks more like a spot then a line as it heals. It used to look like a line. I don't know what happened to it. Although, when I ask people they tell me they don't see anything there. I guess the Scarguard takes time to work.
  14. How did they remove it? I got lots of advice from my derm (mine was removed about amonth ago, as well) but it was a surgical removal with a 1.5inch incision and 15 stitches so I am not sure how helpful they would be?

    My doctor also advised rubbing in sunscreen everyday for at least 4 months- heavy duty stuff. He showed me some pics of a girl who had serious facial injuries and then pics of her over the next few months using sunscreen... it was truly amazing.
  15. mederma has worked wonders for me... also cover the area when you are out in the sun. scars that have sun exposure will permanently darken over time