Update on missing authenticity card from NM

  1. Recall I had found a calfskin GST from Neiman Marcus and it didn't come with the authenticity card. (It was likely a return).

    The NM Chanel manager called Chanel directly to request another authenticity card for me. Chanel told her that under ABSOLUTELY NO circumstance are authenticity cards reissued even if the original was missing. :sad:

    I really love the GST and bought it pre-hike and it's Fall 06 & matches my ballet flats, so I don't know whether to just keep it. I guess I have my NM receipt and could always send it to NM if I ever needed repair, but selling it might be impossible - don't you think?
  2. I'll return it if I was you.
  3. I almost never re-sell my bags, so it wouldn't be a problem for me. I never buy a bag thinking I will be selling it one day. I pretty much keep them and use them forever.

    If you love it and think you will get a lot of use out of it, I think you should keep it.
  4. If you love it, keep it.
  5. is there anyway that you could buy another GST at the pre-increase price? perhaps, you could cite a lack of authenticity card as a "defect"
  6. Just keep your receipt. It might make it slightly harder to sell, but since you got it pre-increase I'd keep it. Unless your SA would exchange it out for one with an authenticity card.
  7. ^Iwas going to suggest that too Mon.
    Can't they locate one for you and exchange it?
  8. how much was the gst prior to the price increase, and how much is it now?
  9. it was $1650 prior to the increase, I can't remmebr exactly, maybe went up $100{?}
    It wasn't much.
  10. If you can't get an exchange then I would just return it.
  11. Yeah I'd just either exchange or return it if you plan on reselling it.
    My white GST didn't come with a card but I don't ever sell my bags so it's not a big deal for me.
  12. it's actually still $1650 according to the Hawaii stores.

    I would just ask them to locate one and exchange, and if you don't feel comfortable keeping a bag without the authenticity card, then return it :yes:
  13. ^Hawaii must be different :yes:
  14. For me, I'd always feel "cheated". I value the card at a certain percentage of the price whether I have intention of selling it or not. I love keeping it in the side pocket as a lucky charm sort of and how nice to pass it on to my daughter in the future, care cards and all. But I'm crazy like that :biggrin:

    OT: Gst is calfskin? not caviar? 2 versions? Enlighten me pls!
  15. If you are thinking of selling the bag some day, I would definitly return/exchange it for one with a card. If you consider how much the GST costs, an extra 100 isn't making that big of a difference, and you'll recover more of the cost when you sell it. However, if you dont think you are going to sell it, I would just keep it. You won't need an authenticity card to prove to yourself that its real :yes: