update on mini mabel in purple patent!


Nov 26, 2007
hello everyone!! :yahoo: i finally finished my exams and i did promise to update everyone on my choice concerning whether to buy the mini mabel or not. thank you very much to all the mulberry ladies especially chaz who personally sent me an email wishing me luck for my exams!!! :heart:

sadly, the mini mabel is sold out and the only piece that is available is the one on display, which i don't fancy buying after tons of people have tried it on and left their fingerprints on it. :s

but on the brighter side of things.. my mom is actually offering to get me a shoulder birkin in blue jeans, so that sort of takes the pain away a little bit. i mean, losing a prospective bag is always a pain, i'm sure all you ladies can relate to that. but thank you everyone who has given me their honest advises! i'll definitely look forward to seeing more amazing colors in the ss08 collection :love:


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
Oh!!! Well done on getting through your exams!!! Bet you feel relived its all over now!!

And yes,totally understanding the pain of losing a prospective bag!! But it sounds as though there will be a very interesting collaboration going on with Mulberry at some stage,so keep your eye on that one!!

Enjoy your birkin,and we'll see you here again soon!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


Mar 15, 2007
Thanks for keeping us posted and glad all went well for you.
Wow - what an exquisite "consolation" bag of a shoulder Birkin! There are certainties in life....there will be other bags to love in your life and one day - that special Mulberry will be yours!
Best to you