Update on Megs?

  1. How is Megs doing...haven't seen her around. Hope it's getting better for her :smile:
  2. Yeah I hope she's much better now :yes:
  3. I see you're back meg...how are you?
  4. I was just thinking the same thing! Whats up Megs??!!!
  5. Mmhmm Megs! We've got a nice couch around here with a good leg rest for your ouchie parts. :biggrin:
  6. She's been posting! But right arm...ouch!
  7. Poor Megs, i hope she is feeling better!
  8. I hope you are feeling better Megs.
  9. So sorry to hear you were hurt!

    Please spoil yourself rotten, do what the doctors tell you, plenty of rest, and get better soon!
  10. Oh my gosh! What did I miss? :wtf: What happened to Megs?

    Off to find out but in the meantime, I hope your feeling better.
  11. hope your feeling better to megs!
  12. I was only refering to the fact that she seems to be back! Hows it going, how is life kind of thing..
  13. oh no! I missed the orig thread. here's to a speed recovery.
  14. yesterday i send meg a writing for the purseblog entry, and she said that she had a broken arm :crybaby:
    i never read the thread about it, but she's really nice and posted the writing right away...
    i hope u're be back soon meg :love: