Update on me: I've decided to volunteer

  1. Hey everyone!!

    It's been awhile since I've last been on! I miss so many of you. About 2 months ago I went through a life changing event. My ex of 2+ years and I broke up... it was devastating. We've broken up before. I made a career move that same week and I haven't looked back! I decided this time that I was moving on and I didn't want to go backwards because I wanted to start moving onto being HAPPY. So, It's been TWO, at the beginning hard but now FABULOUS, months! My new job is AMAZING!! I absolutely love it. My inner self is SO much happier (plus it helps that I am a lot more financially stable than 2 months ago). I have decided to open a spa in my hometown and now we're just looking out for locations, so things are beginning to get put back in place (although it would be the icing on the cake if a nice man walked by... haha). Anyway, on to the point of my thread...

    This Christmas my company is helping out a family of 3; two kids and a single mom. The mom was in a domestic violence case and it was recently where the kids were allowed to go back into public school. Because of the severity of their father, they were so afraid to go to school that they had to be home school for 2 years!! So this year we are giving them their Christmas dinner and we're loading them up with gifts beyond gifts. It really makes me feel good that a little something can go a long way. So because I was thinking of this and I didn't want to stop helping (I must've spent at least 200$ on this family so far and we've only known for about a week who the family was) I realized that I really want to volunteer as a youth mentor with either the Big Sister's Organization or the Elizabeth Fry Organization. I looked back on my life and I realized that I was lucky to have the people that I have. To now be in a good place and have worked very hard to get here. I am financially stable and still very young and I thought that I'd share a bit of myself and give a little at the same time to someone who needs a little light.

    Has anyone volunteered as a youth mentor before? What can you expect?
  2. I just want to say I think you are wonderful to do this. You are an inspiration and living testimony to the true spirit of Christmas. It really is better to give than to receive! I have been wanting for a long time to volunteer some time to an adult literacy program, your post is just the push I need.
  3. Like madamefifi, I want to tell you how great of a person I think you are. The world really needs more people that are as generous and compassionate as you. This is really inspiring to me and many other people I'm sure. :tup:
  4. Hello Girl, I am so glad to see you are happy after going through a difficult time. You are strong and definitely an inspiration for us. This world needs more volunteers, It´s something I have never tried since here we tend to rely a lot on the government social system to help others (everybody pays 40-60% taxes, few volunteers) but I still want to help -only been giving clothes and things so far-
  5. I have never volunteered but I also want to say that what you are doing is amazing! You are truly an inspiration. I'm happy to see that you were able to work through a troubled time and become stronger. I'm glad your job is doing something so great for a family this Christmas. Please let us know how the rest works out.

  6. Yes, I have and was also on the board for youth offenders. It is very rewarding to share your knowledge and yourself with children and young adults who need some guidance. I still keep in touch with one of my kids who has now completed college and is on his way to a rewarding career.

    Thanks for sharing your story.:heart:
  7. Sheishollywood, I am happy that life is treating you well. Both Big Sisters and
    Elizabeth Fry Societies would welcome your participation. You will need to a police check prior to your service. I only know about the Big Sisters program as I volunteered there. You must be able to have at least 4 hours a week to devote to your "Little Sister" (I am assuming that you are in Canada,or do they have Elizabeth Fry in the US also)? I can't speak for today;but there were plenty of Big Sisters because many women join. They were desperate for Big Brothers! Not as many men join.
    They don't demand that you spend money on your little sister,only time doing things that are in her best interest.
    Go For It!