Update on LVR Duty Charges

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  1. Hello All, just wanted to update you on the LVR charges. I received a fax from Fedex and they are charging 10% of the total. Plus, they charged a processing fee of $9 and change.

    So I think the total was $123 for the duty. Not bad considering the bag retailed for $1500 and I paid $1275ish (including shipping and duties and that stupid fee my credit card company charges to exchange).
  2. Not bad. Thanks for the update.
  3. This may sound stupid but I am fairly new here. What does LVR mean.
  4. I have the same question: what does "LVR" mean?
  5. LVR is luisaviaroma.com...italian website.....they have an amazing selection.....
  6. LVR = www.luisaviaroma.com

    thanks for the update, Greenie. doing the math, a Paddy from them would run $1288. add the 10%, shipping, credit card fee and additional $9 fee and i guess you're closing in on $1500. i have a Paddy on pre-order from NM and they charged like $1640, so i guess the savings aren't bad. do you know if that 10% is fixed or does it vary by which state you live in?
  7. Agh that website won't work for me. Do they post to United Kingdom?
  8. Her calculations are about right. You have to deduct the VAT as well. So there is a 300+ savings. They ship fedex as well, really fast!
  9. the $1288 is already including the duty and shipping and credit card fee. The cost before the duty if my calculations were correct ( I ordered one from them too) was $1050 including shipping. The savings is actually over $300 and that means if you buy four of them the fifth one's free.
  10. Thanks Greenie for the info.
  11. I like those calculations!!! :lol:

    PS..sorry didn't answer the question. The total for the bag was 903.33 euros, plus 50 euros shipping...total 953.33 euros.

    That comes out to 1151.82 US, plus 123.38 total for the duty (they charge a fee)....totalling 1275.20. That doesnt include the fee my credit card company charged (can't remember what that was).

    But still was a better deal than paying US retail, plus 7% tax.
  12. thanks for the reply, Greenie!!! wow, $300 savings is more like it. i received an email today saying my Paddy from NM just shipped. maybe i should return it and get one from LVR instead. :idea: