Update on lost bag

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  1. Hi everyone. This is my update from my lost bag that I posted about here on March 16th. I wanted to let you know this was just settled about a week and a half ago. I didn't know how to include that post here but it's titled Lost Bag. So after going through alot of drama with LV..they pretty much told me there was nothing they could do..there was no record of my bag being returned..even though previously they agreed it was lost. Between them and UPS..neither could find any trace after it was last noted to be in Spain. LV basically said sorry but nothing we can do. There is so much details to this..they said they had sent me 4 labels..when I only recieved one. After talking to there special department..I said to the lady, I feel like you think I am trying to get one over on you..she did not respond. I was livid..hung up. Called UPS back..they could not find the bag bug asked me one more time to describe it. Remember, this was my first ever LV and a gift from my husband. Was advised to contact CC company..then about 3 days later the bag appeared at my door..from Amazon Fullfillment Centre.!! Everything was in there but the bag looked kind of rough but I could tell it was the same bag because of the zipper. So I took it to UPS to send back to LV...Called from the store and they advised me not to send it back with no label from them. I said I am sending it back..paid the 15.00 myself so I knew I had a good tracking number. They finally called me and said they put the money back on my charge. I told them all along I just wanted an exchange.The lady said it was way past the date of return but they did it because of unusual circumstance. Then she said she wouldn't advise me to get a bag without seeing it in person..which is impossible. She said the bag was perfectly fine and they would be selling it . I have never been so insulted. I should be happy with my purchase and it isn't my fault the bag was lost. So I didn't reorder yet. I was so mad and do not like the way I was treated through this whole odeal. I cried out of frustration several times during this . Now my question is are there a department store? Or should I call an LV store instead of online? Also..has anyone had that issue with the zipper on the Speedy B ...where it was wavy and didn't lay flat? Can you give me other suggestions on a bag..or should I stick with this bag..I really love it but also wondered if I should get something without a zipper. I have no store anywhere close and won't be at one anytime soon. Sorry for this long drawn out explanation.Still wanting to love LV..hate the way they treated me . Thanks again..
  2. Glad the bag was returned finally. I too have many shipping issues before.
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    What a harrowing experience, am sorry you went through that! Landing in an Amazon fulfillment center of all places! Thankfully it eventually did show up. It's totally understandable how such an experience can put you off a brand leaving a sour taste in mouth...

    I think you do love the brand and would like to purchase again (else this thread wouldn't exist), so please don't let snarky comments from (sometimes disgruntled) employees be the deciding factor on how you purchase your bag. I think at this point, I would just buy online if you don't have a boutique close to you, this option is available to customers so why must each bag be inspected in person before buying? I really like Speedies and have 3 so I would say stick to it if you love the style. And no, none of my Speedies have wavy zippers... Glad the issue was sorted and you got your money back!

    All the best!
  4. Thank you..:smile:
  5. I did purchase online over the phone though. Yes..I do love the Speedy B and will probably purchase again. I just needed time to cool off. But the way the lady said we don't want you to get another bag you won't be happy with just put me off. It was probably a fluke bag..if you have 3 and no issues. Thank you..:smile:
  6. Glad it all worked out.

    My suggestion...rather than going through the online ordering process, call a particular store and the associates can look the item over for you. There is generally a cost to have them ship it to you, but them taking the time to look things over is awesome and well worth it.

    Good luck to you!
  7. Thank you...I will do that..:smile:
  8. I'm glad that you were finally able to locate the bag and send it directly back to LV. It sounds like the CS rep wasn't using her brain when she was talking (like seriously, how are you supposed to see a bag in person when you don't even live remotely close to a store?!) but unfortunately you get these boneheads in all aspects of retail, not just fashion, and it really sucks for it to happen when you're so new to the brand and then feel let down. Not all SAs are like that, trust me, and a good option is to skip ordering online and call a store directly...you'll be able to instantly tell whether or not the SA on the other end is a good match for you based on how they talk to you, how knowledgeable they are, etc. If you trust them then you can order through them and establish a relationship (helpful in the future for repairs, reliable advice, carefully selected items, and also a supporting voice should another incident happen) but if you're feeling uncomfortable then just call around until you find the right person.
  9. Thank you so much. I am planning to call a LV store and do that. I am happy to know they can look it over first for me. This bag was ordered the end of January and I never carried it..So I hope it will feel like a brand new experience for me. :smile:
  10. So glad the bag was found. 🍾😃
    Not sure what happened really. I can't blame LV for suspecting it was a scam and I can't blame you from being frustrated! But in the end, everything is well.
    Can't wait to see your new bag!
  11. I looked at several bags in several stores a few months ago and most of them had wavy zippers. I don't know if regular speedies have this issue too because I only looked at the speedy b, but my old speedy had a normal zipper. Seems like lv has decided to allow wavy zippers and other flaws pass through quality control, at least for the speedy b!
  12. I really don't know how it could be a scam..I had my receipt. It was just some fluke I guess but I didn't like feeling they thought I was dishonest . In the end I guess the bag was found and they refunded my money. Now to see if I get the bag. Thank you :smile:
  13. Oh..I don't like hearing that about the zippers. It might not bother some but it really did me. I will definitely call a boutique so they can check it before sending it out. Thank you..:smile:
  14. Good about your bag even if your story is sad.

    My speedy B has not problem with its zipper.
  15. I hope my new bag will be fine. I feel better knowing the store employee can check it over. Happy to hear you had no problems. Thank you..:smile: