Update on Legacy Stripe Accessory Availability!!!

  1. I preordered the Legacy French Wallet in Legacy Stripe this morning (40240) for $188.00 and the newer coin purse (40239) for $88.00. Both are the wonderful silky material not the canvas and are due to ship at the end of May.

    I know there was a post on this earlier this week but I thought I would update since when I called to try to order on Tuesday (the toll-free Coach #) their system wouldn’t allow it yet. Also, the adorable 92038 leg. stripe coin purse is completely gone!!!

    Can’t wait – and here are pics. from the drill down so there’s no confusion.

    Ordered (40240)

    Ordered (40239)
    Coin purse, can't get it to come up on the drill down.
    But, there are pics. out there on eBay!

    All Out of this one (92038)
  2. I also ordered it earlier today. Congrats on your purchases :smile:
  3. Great! Thanks for the heads up.
  4. i also ordered a french wallet!! can't wait!!
  5. Thanks for the update! :yes:
  6. I love the 40239 coin purse! I think I might want it, but does anyone have a photo of it next to anything recognizable (hand, cd, etc.) so that I can get a better idea of its size? What will it hold? Many thanks!
  7. I loveee the Legacy French Wallet in Legacy Stripe too! Any kind souls could help me to preorder it too? I can't do it myself as i lives in singapore. And it's already out of stocks over here! :sad: I'm a sincere buyer, no worries. I could pay by paypal. Please...anyone could help?
  8. that is the most beautiful wallet ever! congrats!
  9. I own the Legacy French purse wallet in whiskey. I may have to get this wallet as well.
  10. Anyone could help me preorder? I really regretted not buying when it first came out. And i really don't wish to miss it again. I will pay by paypal + shipping of cos.
  11. ZANDZ:

    Thanks so much for this info. I was able to order the Legacy French purse wallet No. 40240, the Legacy coin purse No. 40239 and Legacy Foldover Wristlet No. 40231.

    kind regards,

  12. It's so funny that that wallet is retailed at $188, yet people were paying over $300 for it on eBay!
  13. thanks they are tooo cute hopefully i can get one
  14. Question....How do you preorder the wallet? It isn't online...do I have to call?
  15. In order to preorder the french wallet, you need to call right? I need that and my legacy stripe collection will be complete! lol!