update on leather legacy tote

  1. I called today about the mysterious legacy slim tote from the late spring catalog and the one person told me it is not coming in pond like orginally told to me and she only white and natural at this time. However, I did call customer service and she told me the whiskey and pond is a posibility because they are there with but not assigned to it as of yet. She also said the reason being it is not on the website is a possibility they are waiting for a color. Maybe there is hope! I really wanted a pond legacy tote.
  2. I love that tote! I am hoping for whiskey.
  3. I think it would be so nice in Whiskey!
  4. I wondered what happened to that tote! It'd be so pretty in whiskey and pond!
  5. i am trying to decide between that in white or the two toned satchel, larger size 458$.

    it's really cute! i saw a picture of it in the wwD article featuring coach and it's legacy stores....
  6. I want to see it! What is WWD? All I know is it has been a long wait to see this tote.
  7. ^ i believe it's Womens' Wear Daily, the magazine...
  8. Anyone have a pic of this bag?
  9. That is really cute
  10. It's on page 23 of the catalog, I forgot that I had already seen it. I like the leather one better. Still looking...
  11. Not a very good pic, but here's the white one from the previous catalog.
  12. I hope that you are right about the Pond Legacy Leather tote.
    I would like that color as well. If it does not come in pond I
    will get the white most likely or the tan. Let's hope it comes
    in Pond.
  13. I saw the new canvas one in the new catalog but I am a little put off with the price because it is canvas and the natural color which is even on the bottom although there are some bags with feet...I do not need to be anymore paranoid than I am with my bags. I would really prefer the leather tote. I do like the new oxford stripe legacy tote but I still want pond.

    Liz...I will probably go with white if I have to and the rate this bag is coming out I will be tan by then and do not have to worry about being so pale with it.
  14. I ordered and received the tote in the Natural color. I really like this bag. (and I usually do not buy bags with dog leash closure). It's a good size, without being overwhelming and the leather looks nice. I unfortunately do ot have a camera to take or to post pics.