Update on heart coin purse

  1. Ok, so I heard from my friend who was just at LV an hour ago that the white and pink heart coin purses are already out. The new red color is a Valentines day special that is going to come out the first week of February.

    He also told me that if someone places their name on a wait list for an item, gets the item, and decides to return it for whatever reason, they get blacklisted?!? And this means that they are not allowed to put themselves on anymore waitlists! Is this true? He said that's what the SA told him.... I find that hard to believe that they would be so strict about it.
  2. Sad to say.... It's very true.
  3. Really, I have never heard that.
  4. Yes... That's what they told me in Union Square by Manager and SA.
  5. I've never heard that before. Why would they turn you away from a waitlist?
  6. I've never heard of that, either. I would like to think if you have a good SA it wouldn't make any difference as long as you are a good customer overall.
  7. I think they only do that if you consistently put yourself on a wait list, purchase the item, and return it because of buyers remorse. My gf who is the manager says they do profile their customers. If they find the client is returning more than keeping an LV purchase they will feel you are not suitable for their consumer base. If this makes sense. :shrugs:
  8. I've never heard that :confused1: :shocked:
  9. i think this only applies to those who continually place their name down on lists but never ever purchase. they would of course give preference to those who are more likely to buy the item first than those who just wanted a look.... which is quite understandable. i'd be annoyed too :yes:
  10. ^deluxeduck... It also applies to buying, exchanging, and constantly making returns.
  11. who cares!! the coin purses are out?!?!?!?

    I just called my store & 866, and they said theyre not out til Feb 1. Which store did your friend see them in?
  12. I agree...they must only blacklist the customers who are constantly returning.

    Which boutique did your friend see the coin purses at? A pet peeve of mine is when people post about a new item arriving in stores, but fail to mention which city or state (or even country!) the boutique is in. Just because one store has it, doesn't mean all the rest will :crybaby:
  13. yes, i totally agree :yes:
  14. They know the customers who are buyers and the customers who are returners.
  15. HMMM...Not true at my store. :shrugs: My SA even puts me on lists just so I can see what items look like. Although I have never returned to the store (to elux-yes). I have however exchanged once.