update on Grenat (Oxblood) Citys arrival at BalNY

  1. Here's another update, such as it is: Just spoke with Daphne at BalNY, and she "thinks" that the Oxblood Citys have arrived. They are unpacking the boxes today.
  2. Jill, are you stalking? Lol!
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I wonder if they got fire engine red city bags also!?
  5. YAY!! the oxblood did come in :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: daphney called me that they charged my cc and they will be shipping tomorrow. So if anyone wants one :graucho: CALL! =)
  6. 0o0o0o0o FUN!!! i totally love it how these up dates are coming in!!! go get ur bags girls!!!
  7. Are the rouge City bags in yet? Do you think they'll be hard to get?
  8. That is great news!! I have been waiting (semi) patiently for them to arrive!! Thanks for the update, Jill!
  9. Good luck to everybody getting the Oxblood. Be sure to post pics!
  10. I wonder when the part-times will be coming. I guess I'll be ordering from BNY since Aloha Rag isn't getting them.
  11. AR will be getting the bag. According to Jumpei...

    We are getting partime only in the colors below.

  12. I got the call today from the NY store that they'll be shipping mine next week!! Woo hoo!! I'll post pics when I get it!