update on fake Toki tee bought off ebay

  1. Some of you know I bought a toki adios/ciao tee off eBay and when I got it, it looked very different than it should and fit weird. It was counterfeit, so I filed a claim w/paypal and the seller got VERY angry. It took 2 months but I finally got my refund from paypal today!! YAY! So about 2 weeks ago the seller left me a negative for filing a claim. JERK!! :cursing: I had 100%.........oh well. I just left him a neg and now he has 6 total..........hmmmm who is the bad person??

    So please BEWARE when buying off eBay..........it's really not worth it to save a buck!
  2. good thing you got your full refund!! :tup:

    do you have a pic of your shirt? and what was the name of the dodgy seller btw?
  3. name please >_> because im looking at a black shirt with the adios brushing its teeth
  4. Yikes Tracy. I am glad you got your money back but yes having a negative is a bad thing. But, he's a very dishonest and unfair person so you wouldn't expect him to put a positive ah? He knows he's wrong & I hope in your comment you left him..you told others he was that way. Good for you for speaking up. I won't buy any shirts from eBay because I'm so scared of getting a fake now...even though you were the first one I think to get one. UGH, just makes me so mad.
  5. :'( people who sell fakes on ebays are bums. a lot of times they list their things at 100% authentic too... really bad.
  6. spacytracy - yah I'm glad you were able to get your money back!! boooo for this seller!!!
  7. I think what ticks me off the most is that when I first contacted him about selling me a fake, he said "it did not state authentic in auction". Then after I filed the claim w/paypal he says it's 100% authentic, he's disabled and has a kid to support so blah, blah, blah!!

    I stated the fact that he sold me a fake and ripped me off on shipping in the feedback, he responds w/calling me a loser.

    who calls people names in feedback?? I'm the loser? He sells counterfeit stuff and lies about it, then rips people off on the shipping? I hate when people who are so totally wrong & immoral think they are high and mighty and call other people names and degrade them!!

    I really hope people look at feedback before bidding. He has 6 negs and 6 neutrals. And in all his neg feedback, the buyer says he is rude and sends nasty emails to them. I can't believe ebay has not banned him yet. This is exactly why I stopped doing stuff on ebay a year ago cuz of all the fake crap on there.

    All ebay cares about is making a buck!!!
  8. if i saw that he had 6 negs and 6 neutrals i wouldn't have even bid in the first place
  9. Same here...
  10. when I bid, two and a half months ago, he didn't have ANY negs, just 1 neutrals that I had seen before placing my bid. Then all of a sudden the rest popped up!
  11. Holy crap... That's insane...
  12. Well, if the person had like a 32000 feedback and had six negatives and the rest were positive I think I might bid...lol....but not for things like toki, maybe small stuff haha that cost less than $20.
  13. arent you going to give us his name so we dont accidentally buy from him >.<?
  14. yeah i was hoping that too
  15. giving the name would be nice but then again it might also be a bad thing. We don't want to have forum drama like we did a couple months ago ... so for that I'd say that we should not post the name. Just make sure that you're careful when bidding on eBay.