Update on Fake Kooba

  1. Thanks to all who responded to my Fake Kooba query . . . I was pretty sick to my stomach over spending $390.00 on a FAKE bag. I just wanted to follow up.

    The seller is: flyboyjag & they go by juan & esther gonzalez

    I always IMMEDIATELY pay on my auctions on ebay through paypal via credit card. It wasn't until after I won, that I found the purse forum and soon realized that I was about to be taken for a ride.

    I was so sick over it that I posted my thread on here, but I couldn't even wait for all of the responses that I received. I went to kooba.com and began comparing pics, and yep, it was definitely FAKE.

    The auctioin closed on Fri. night, and the seller wasn't going to ship until Tuesday. I suspected they were waiting for the credit card transaction to clear.

    We exchanged a series of e-mails, as follows:
    (Sat. morning before I saw Kooba pics online)
    Hi, Esther -

    I just wanted to verify that this bag is 100% authentic Kooba. I can take it to Neiman Marcus, for example, and they will verify that it is Kooba, right? If not, then I ask that you refund my money and refrain from shipment this Tuesday.

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


    (Response by Seller which was not sent to my ebay, just straight to personal e-mail)
    Bag is authentic, full refund guaranteed!

    (I still felt uncomfortable that she didn't say "Kooba 100% authentic" or something to that effect, and my gut was telling me FAKE. I felt like they were waiting to get my money, and they were going to make it difficult to return and refund. So, I followed up by calling my credit card co. first thing Sunday morning to alert them of the situation, and I sent the seller the following message after I compared pics on Kooba.com)
    Good morning, Juan & Esther -

    Upon further consideration, I have determined that the bag you have listed is NOT a 100% authentic Kooba bag from the Kooba retailer that is sold at Kooba Handbags - Official Website - Shop now for Summer 2006. Even in comparing the photos from your pics and those on Kooba.com, the pebbling of the leather is very clearly different.
    Thus, I ask that you do NOT ship the purse on Tuesday, as I am cancelling this purchase. I have already contacted my credit card provider and notified them of the dispute before the charge carries through. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, but I am protecting myself as a consumer. If you refund my money if the charge goes through and refrain from shipment, then I will agree not to report you to ebay. I understand if you must leave me negative feedback, but once again, please refund immediately any and all charges, and do NOT ship the bag to me.

    Thank you for your time!


    (Seller responded)
    I will refund your money right now. You don't have to cancel any charges. Have a good day!
    (After I received my refund, they sent an additional message)
    As stated before, I always stated money back, There was no reason to call your credit card to dispute charges, when this could have been settled like now. This will cause my paypal account to be frozen for some time. I wish you would have contacted me first. I will not send a neg feedback .

    Notice they never affirmed it's 100%, but I will say they did return my money once I threatened to alert ebay and they still weren't going to give me negative feedback.

    Hope this helps someone . . . thanks for your support!!! :yahoo:

  2. great story! Great ending. thanks for the update.
  3. You did everything RIGHT! Good for you!
  4. So glad that everything seems to be working out for you and you did the right thing by calling your credit card company. If they decide to leave negative feedback you can always do the same and explain the situation, I think other buyers need to know what they may be getting! :flowers:
  5. Don't worry you totally did the right theing. I would have done the same. Glad there was a happy ending.

  6. I'm glad to hear it all worked out.
  7. Hey Drea,

    Glad it all worked out!

    If anyone is interested in my Kooba handbag buying guide on Ebay, here is the link:


    I also have a separate step by step guide that will tell you how to report this counterfeit sellers to Ebay.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Well i just wanted to tell ppl that i went to the sample sale in nyc the other day and got a couple of bags, and they were stamping little red stars on the inner lining so that it couldnt be returned to a dept store for like full price, and so i dont THINK counterfiters have caught onto thiis yet, and so you could search the ebay listings for decriptions ppl say they got from the sample sale or say it has the tiny stamp, i THINK you could believe their authentic guarentee if they guarentee it! They should all be in new york cause it was in the city (on 36th street)-Again these are all i thinks i cannot be sure, but i went there myself and saw the bags and have looked at the ebay listings of them and they look authentic to me. ive checked them all out! make sure they guarentee them, they should if they are from the sample sale cause they of course were NOT selling anything but authentic kooba!

    ALSO if you see a good deal on these bags that have the tiny stars, dont be suprised at a good deal because at the sample sale the prices were $150-$225 (i bought an ADA and a GINGER and the ADA was $195, and the GINGER was $225) so if people are just trying to make a small profit and selling them for like $280 or $300 they will make some $$ and offer a pretty good deal!

    sooo just wanted to put that out there, i dunno if anyone cares but i know i love my koobas and am so happy i made it to the sample sale and if i had had more $$ that day i totally would have bought more and shared my sales with ppl on ebay but even at $225 i could barely afford 2 :smile: (hence the reason i needed to get to this sale cause i cannot afford kooba for my life at retail) :smile:
    but yea if you want to look into them it may be worth it cause there are def authentic ones from this sample sale! goodluck guys
  9. Do you think they were selling REAL Koobas at the Sample Sale? I only bought the Kooba Ginger in the Suede and the other day I had the misfortune of some raindrops hitting my purse, and now I have these white spots. I've tried a suede brush but no luck. Someone told me this only happens with cheap suede...what do you think??:confused1:
  10. oh i def. think they were selling real bags without a doubt in my mind, i mean that would be like completly illegal and they could be sued by kooba for false advertising, and misrepresentation. I mean i have never felt that stuff ive purchased from sample sales was not genuine authentic merchandise i really dont think legally that would happen i mean i could be wrong, but i dont have any doubt my bags are real, the quality is amazing, every detail stitching, leather, interior everything, and mine actually got wet the other day too my leather one and it was just fine.... i mean that may not be the same as the suede i dont know too much about suede and water damage, i know suede isnt supposed to get wet no matter what kind of suede but white spots i dunno about....do you want to attach pictures so i can see what you are talking about? these spots or you could email them to me....

    there is a user whos email is ChristiD2303@aol.com and she has written an amazing guide to telling fake koobas on ebay and maybe you could email her ask her opinion on the suede getting these spots and the idea of fakes at sample sales

    i mean i could be wrong about if sample sales can sell fakes and get away with it but i am very confident in the quality of the bags i bought there, and i really just have a feeling that would be very very illegal to have a 4 day event is a store space in the city selling completly fake items they claim to be authentic? i just feel like that would be caught onto, i mean fakes on ebay no one can truly track and shut the ppl down, but this was publicized in the newspaper, all over the internet on different sale sites, and the place has their own site Clothingline , so i dunno my feeling is that wouldnt happen but if you find out anything else PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW
  11. Definitely! I am looking for my digicam right now so I can take pictures. I would just be so devestated if it were a fake because I could have invested the money in another Bokier bag, and I personally think their bags are far better quality...we'll see but I'll keep you posted! Thanks for your input :rolleyes:
  12. This is really a help for me! Thank you for sharing your stories!