Update on Fake Kooba

  1. Thanks to all who responded to my Fake Kooba query . . . I was pretty sick to my stomach over spending $390.00 on a FAKE bag. I just wanted to follow up.

    The seller is: flyboyjag & they go by juan & esther gonzalez

    I always IMMEDIATELY pay on my auctions on ebay through paypal via credit card. It wasn't until after I won, that I found the purse forum and soon realized that I was about to be taken for a ride.

    I was so sick over it that I posted my thread on here, but I couldn't even wait for all of the responses that I received. I went to kooba.com and began comparing pics, and yep, it was definitely FAKE.

    The auctioin closed on Fri. night, and the seller wasn't going to ship until Tuesday. I suspected they were waiting for the credit card transaction to clear.

    We exchanged a series of e-mails, as follows:
    (Sat. morning before I saw Kooba pics online)
    Hi, Esther -

    I just wanted to verify that this bag is 100% authentic Kooba. I can take it to Neiman Marcus, for example, and they will verify that it is Kooba, right? If not, then I ask that you refund my money and refrain from shipment this Tuesday.

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


    (Response by Seller which was not sent to my ebay, just straight to personal e-mail)
    Bag is authentic, full refund guaranteed!

    (I still felt uncomfortable that she didn't say "Kooba 100% authentic" or something to that effect, and my gut was telling me FAKE. I felt like they were waiting to get my money, and they were going to make it difficult to return and refund. So, I followed up by calling my credit card co. first thing Sunday morning to alert them of the situation, and I sent the seller the following message after I compared pics on Kooba.com)
    Good morning, Juan & Esther -

    Upon further consideration, I have determined that the bag you have listed is NOT a 100% authentic Kooba bag from the Kooba retailer that is sold at Kooba Handbags - Official Website - Shop now for Summer 2006. Even in comparing the photos from your pics and those on Kooba.com, the pebbling of the leather is very clearly different.
    Thus, I ask that you do NOT ship the purse on Tuesday, as I am cancelling this purchase. I have already contacted my credit card provider and notified them of the dispute before the charge carries through. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, but I am protecting myself as a consumer. If you refund my money if the charge goes through and refrain from shipment, then I will agree not to report you to ebay. I understand if you must leave me negative feedback, but once again, please refund immediately any and all charges, and do NOT ship the bag to me.

    Thank you for your time!


    (Seller responded)
    I will refund your money right now. You don't have to cancel any charges. Have a good day!
    (After I received my refund, they sent an additional message)
    As stated before, I always stated money back, There was no reason to call your credit card to dispute charges, when this could have been settled like now. This will cause my paypal account to be frozen for some time. I wish you would have contacted me first. I will not send a neg feedback .

    Notice they never affirmed it's 100%, but I will say they did return my money once I threatened to alert ebay and they still weren't going to give me negative feedback.

    Hope this helps someone . . . thanks for your support!!! :yahoo:

  2. that is awesome that it worked out for you. So what if the fraud's paypal is frozen. Now they can't rip off others.:biguns: way to be strong and defend your rights!!!!!
  3. You notified them about your reservations concerning authenticity in your first email, they knew the bag was fake and should have settled the issue straight away instead of hoping to get away with it! At least it all ended well:yahoo:I've noticed the seller who sold me a fake Kooba is gone!, but there is always more popping up...If we all take action against the fakes we're unlucky to receive, it will make it more difficult for them (I hope..)
  4. Wow. They were actually... civil-ish.
  5. Kudos on such remarkably level-headed and indeed, civil emails.
    I'm so happy to hear that you got your money back.
    I do find it disheartening that people like this don't get negative feedback posted so other people won't find themselves in the same position.
    There really needs to be some sort of system in place to allow people to do so without incurring retribution and it boggles the mind that a billion dollar company can't take the time to find a solution. Ebay SUCKS!!!
  6. Civil or no, it makes me nauseated that they said 100% authentic, even after the listing was over. Why would they have not owned up in the first place? I mean, if you took the time to ask, do they not think you would have taken the time to verify? GRRRRR...liars make me so mad!
  7. Glad it worked out for you!

    I hate people who sell fake bags they make me so :cursing: but at least he refunded your money so that is something!
  8. So glad it worked out for you!
  9. glad it worked out for you.